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Walton Hall Nature Trail
Dutch elm disease are attracted and the tree ... . Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) are easily distinguished from other species of pine by the orange bark towards the top of the trunk, they also have rather small cones and paired needles ...

Global Forest Science - Press Release - Climate trends, beetles point to another summer of fire in BC tinderbox forests, says international forest expert
Climate trends, beetles point to another summer of fire in BC tinderbox forests, says international forest expert 12 April 2004 VANCOUVER, BC - Years of chronic drought, a bark beetle ... suppression, however, have modified the forest, allowing smaller, fire-susceptible trees to grow and bark beetles, normally kept in check by fire, to proliferate. Global climate change means British Columbians ...

Global Forest Science - Press Release - Cars and pine beetles have one thing in common
Sadly, even ... beetles is lethal. But after exposure to minus 38 for about four days, the super-cooled fluids - all of a sudden - flash freeze and that finally kills the bark beetles. Why are the mountain pine beetles more susceptible to freezing in November ... More from this site

Invasive Exotic Insects @
Gracillariidae aspen blotchminer Phyllonorycter tremuloidiella (Braun) Lepidoptera Gracillariidae June beetles Phyllophaga spp. Harris, 1827 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae large white butterfly ... Coleoptera Curculionidae ambrosia beetle Xyleborus pelliculosus Eichhoff Coleoptera Curculionidae bark beetles Xyleborus spp. Eichhoff, 1864 Coleoptera Curculionidae ambrosia beetle Xyleborus xylographus ... References
J. J. Schmitt. 1985. Distinguishing immatures of the insect associates of southern pine bark beetles. USDA Agric. Handbook 641. 19 pp. Hansen, ... control of knapweed. FHTET-2001-07. Yanega, D. 1996.Field guide to northeastern longhorned beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Illinois Natural History Survey Manual 6. 184p. ... More from this site

Changed Southwestern Forests: Resource effects and management remedies (part 2 of 3)
(Pyne, 1996). Loggers began removing mature trees. Bark beetles, fungi, and dwarf mistletoe infested the thickets that, in the absence of grass and fire ...

Forest Management Policies on the Colorado Plateau
Colorado Plateau are overrun with "doghair thickets," dense clusters of stunted trees infested with bark beetles, fungi, and dwarf mistletoe. Fire, when it does occur, has begun to be intense and ... More from this site

Death of Cedar Trees Cause Great Concern - March 19, 1998
The cedar's extensive ... the cedar's death include the cypress aphid, twig and bark beetles, bark borers and so on. "It appears that these factors are ... finding alternative roofing materials for communities that use the cedar bark. They also say re-establishing cedar forests by, for example ...

Printed Matter -- Children's Books From Beasts to Beetles -- Page
Printed Matter -- Children's Books From Beasts to Beetles -- Page From beasts to beetles: Seven books for children September 7, 1997 Elisabeth Sherwin -- gizmo@ Dimetrodon, ... it. Fiddle beetle, Goliath beetle, stag beetle, dung roller, ladybug, bombardier beetle and the infamous bark beetle all combine to form "Beetle Bedlam" by Vlasta van Kampen of Toronto (Charlesbridge, $16 ...

Costa Rica Rainforest Species / Beetles and Biodiversity
The tallies for the beetles alone led Erwin to produce some staggering calculations. Beetles, the largest order of insects, account for about 40% of all ... a group, those that feed on plants extract their sustenance from the roots, trunk, stems, bark, shoot tips, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds, or in short, from every portion of their ...

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