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Build a Solar System
Nine Planets web site page about them. LOTS of info there! Solar System Model Body Body Diam (km) Body Diam (in) Body Diam (mm) Orbit radius (km) Scaled orbit radius (ft & in) Scaled orbit radius (meters) Sun ...

Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Cygnus
Eridanus. One of his best friends searched for his scorched body in the water for so long that he eventually became a swan. Maps Each map ... the brightest star in the photograph). The field includes at least 2 candidates: A) A diam. 7' triangular cluster of about 20 stars mag. 11...13. This is a nice but ...

Hawaiian Astronomical Society Deepsky Atlas - Leo
Newtonian at 133x: A bright galaxy. A very bright core (diam 40") and a very faint stellar nucleus. Averted visions reveals a large but mostly quite ... located 3.6 NE of Rho Leonis, just south of the center of Leo's body. Dreyer also describes a gradual brightening toward the core. M96 (NGC3368) is slightly brighter (mag ... More from this site

Populus deltoides
Bella Coola decocted the rotten leaves as an herbal bath for general body pain and used the buds in poultices for hip or lung pain. Carrier chewed the ... reported (List and Horhammer, 19691979). Description Large tree to 2030(-50) m tall, diam. 0.5 to 2 m; bark grayish-green and smooth at first, later blackish and ...