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Hazel Henderson - Economics In The Solar Age
GNP [Gross National Product]. I always like to compare it to flying a Boeing 747 with nothing on the instrument panel except an oil pressure gauge. This ... well as identifying malfunctioning "DNA strands," such as GNP, which generate pathological patterns in the body politic. This activity has the biggest multiplier in terms of shifting the system towards sustainability ...

Only The Poets Can Save Us Now
Every plant, tree, animal, fish, insect, mountain, and body of water had an alive and vital spirit. In European legends, the little people had ... listens, the four-footed beasts of the wood run up to him, the birds come flying, the fish in the waters swim toward him." When he plays, "tears of bliss burst ...

A Plea For The Ancient Forest! (flying squirrel)
I think I'm going to stay a while! Then briefly and tentatively, a flying squirrel ... in whose home here. Have you ever seen a flying squirrel "fly?" A flying squirrel can leap from a tree branch and glide up ... in board feet that it promises to industry. Since the Northern Flying Squirrel, prime Spotted Owl food is not considered "threatened," their habitat ... More from this site

Don't Panic Eat Organic
Shows GE Industry in Trouble The OFA is the peak industry body for the Australian organic and biodynamic industry. USDA FAS GAIN ... the NOP Press The Barn Owl and learn more about this flying cat and how he can help the organic farmer. Also check ... Trust Limited a registered and Department of Agriculture and Food approved body for the Inspection and Certification of organic producers and processors in ...

EcoLiving Center's articles for Cultural Creatives. Sustainable living
Within - Interview with Bernie Siegel Stopping Time What Is On Your Shift List Toxins Body Burden - Pollution in People. - Cause For Alarm Over Chemicals - Fire Retardants Chemicals in the ... the Boogeyman Steal Your Dreams Earth-Friendly Shopping Tips - Healthy sustainable living suggestions. Favorite Quotes Flying Posthaste Into Human Destruction. How To Get Anything You Want - the kids are the ...

Your Hidden Portal to Peace
Through a thick mantle of low-lying/flying clouds, I pass scores of human-sized, gold-plated statues of Buddha, situated every few ... that particular Buddha’s unique energy or spirit. The tingling sensation ripples through my whole body in orgasmic waves. As I connect with each successive Buddha, I dissolve more deeply into ... More from this site

Flying Snake Home Page
Snake portraits Field work FAQs Publications Links Flying snakes are a small group of species of tree snakes that ... to the air by jumping from the tree, flattening the entire body, and gliding or parachuting to the ground or another tree. This ... a list of people and funding agencies that have contributed to flying snake research. (Photo, Chrysopelea ornata, the golden tree snake.) All content ...

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Adventures of Tim Cahill
Frequent gusts of 70 miles an hour (113 kilometers an hour) and above make for perfect body-flying weather ... body-flying when the wind booms. There had been nine or ten thousand years of continuous human habitation at that site. Hell, maybe the Old Ones went body-flying ... That could make for some seriously unpleasant (and involuntary) body-flying for anyone without the sense to come in ...

Pallid Bat - Flying Mammal - The Pallid Bat
The small bats will be flying at about six weeks old, and hunting for their own food ... coolness of the male day-roosts allows the males to preserve their body energy by going into a sort of mini hibernation, called torpor. ... Angel Falls You may also like... Flying Fox Flying foxes are a species of fruit bat. They are named flying foxes because of their fox-like ...

Flying Squirrel - All About The Flying Squirrel
Endangered Species Legendary Creatures Flying Squirrel From It's Nature! Home » Mammals » Flying Squirrel Flying Squirrel The Northern flying squirrel is one of the only two species of flying squirrel to be found ... to be from 5 to 7. This practice is probably used to maintain body temperature in the winter, because flying squirrels don’t hibernate. Instead in winter, they move from more open ... More from this site

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