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Caspian tern
Caspian tern Caspian tern (Sterna caspia) Caspian terns are significantly larger than common terns and have a diagnostic bright orange bill. photograph by Chris Young.

Caspian Tern - WDNR
Caspian Tern - WDNR Program Search Home About Topics Contact Us Endangered Resources Online Donation Center Support Endangered ... -Game Birds Related Pages Endangered Resources Natural Heritage Inventory Working List Animals, Plants, & Natural Communities Caspian Tern (Sterna caspia) Status: State Endangered (1989). Occurrence: Common migrant north and east, uncommon summer resident ...

NATUREANDCO.COM - New Zealand Seabirds: The Caspian Tern
NATUREANDCO.COM - New Zealand Seabirds: The Caspian Tern Home Site Index Interactive New Zealand Seabirds Complete checklist Locality lists 12 detailed species Map ... SEABIRDS CASPIAN TERN click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Caspian Tern/Tara-nui Hydroprogne caspia Other names - Kahawai, Tara Punga, Sea Hawk. Identification - 50 cm (20 in.). Large gull-sized tern with ...

Wilma_Birds_5a Corpses found on Sable Island, October 29th, from left to right: Common Tern (first winter), Sandwich Tern (winter adult), Royal Tern (first winter), and Caspian Tern (winter adult).

gulls and terns
Illinois during migration. It travels as far south as Chile. The common tern is regularly seen during migration, but the numbers of terns that choose Illinois as breeding ... back. Lesser black-backed gull Iceland gull Photographs by Dennis Oehmke and Kanae Hirabayashi. The Caspian tern (orange bill) is seen with Franklin's Gulls (dark hoods, foreground), a Bonaparte's gull ...

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Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Checklist of the Birds of Sonora and Northwestern Mexico
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Birds - Hurricane Wilma
Canada. Species sighted include Magnificent Frigatebirds, Laughing Gulls, Caspian, Royal, Sandwich and Forsterís Terns, and Yellow-billed ... Tern Oct 29 Nov 14 5 10 15 Royal Tern Oct 29 1 1 2 Caspian Tern Oct 29 Oct 30 3 1* 4 Forsterís Tern Oct 29 Nov 14 1 1 Common Tern Oct 29 Nov 14 >300 6 >300 Black Tern ... Nature in New Zealand - The Land and the Wildlife
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RIDOLFI Inc. - Commencement Bay Post-Restoration Monitoring Program, WA
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