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Green Home Building: Article about the Lost Art of Pantries and Root Cellars
With pantries and root cellars, the storage potential is much greater and the cool atmosphere is free and non-polluting. There is a distinction between a root cellar and a cool pantry ... cool temperature, but makes it possible to retrofit an existing house with a nice cool pantry ...

Green Home Building: Cool Pantries
It seems a root cellar is too humid. Any suggestions? A: We have a large, naturally cool pantry ... usual winter temperatures are between -5 and -12 Celsius. If the cool pantry is well insulated from both the outside and the ... freezer in the cool pantry to reduce the cost of running the freezer and provide some heat to the pantry or would ... More from this site

Ventilated Pantry
Such pantry needs to feature:- isolation from external temperature variation by being located in the ... or earth linkage as for a cellar in part of the pantry construction to assist temperature stability deliberate ventilation to enable cool air inflow and stale air extraction. In an energy ...

Massive Update Part Two: The Kitchen - The Straw House Blog
Joanne's favorite part is the large, tall pull-out pantry. Now we have to decide how to finish the wood. ... World Changing Straw Bale Links Camel's Back Construction Our Cool House Ontario Straw Bale Coalition Surfin' Strawbale Link List Design ... Future House Now Funfurde Modern Residential Design Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools MetaCool Writers Bruce Sterling Charlie Stross Neil Gaiman William ...

ManyTracks Homesteading - Fall Mini Notes
I then set the covered pot in the pantry or root cellar where it is cooler, and let it settle over night. ... . A box in a cool room or closet can be your root cellar. Shelves installed on an unused wall can be your pantry. Find a regional food ... oil or lanolin; if too soft, add more beeswax. Store in a cool spot. RENDERING BEESWAX: If you know someone who raises bees, you might ...

Homesteading - Solar Food Dryer
My favorite is Larisa Walk’s booklet "A Pantry Full of Sunshine - Energy Efficient Food Preservation Methods" ($11.75 ppd from Larisa Walk, 30319 ... blanch 10 minutes (just as you would for eating), then lay out on towels to cool overnight. In the morning, cut the kernels off the cob, spread on trays and put ... More from this site

Internal Finish/Trim photos, at our energy efficient home in Deep Creek Lake, MD
May 10, 2003. The internal features are coming along nicely. Another cool feature of our house is the wrap-around window seats. ... view from the living room into the kitchen area, towards the pantry. This looks like the second coat of mud. still drying. ... .com Web This site is all about building a cool, energy efficient house, that makes maximum use of earth sheltered design ...

Hybrid energy designs at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. (Passive Solar, Geothermal, Earth Sheltered)
The major concern seems to be that an excessively cool floor in a hot humid environment will cause condensation and ... .com Web This site is all about building a cool, energy efficient house, that makes maximum use of earth sheltered design ... More from this site

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