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Quimby/Gardner Land Swap Will Protect Wassataquoik Stream and Land East of Baxter Park
Dick Anderson and Don Hudson of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) played a pivotal role in getting ... and over Deasey Mountain toward Canada.) "One beautiful warm, sunny day this summer, Don and Dick drove me up there," she said. "We sat on the rocks in the stream, had ...

Timber Companies Seek to Bridge Remote Wassataquoik Stream at Orin Falls
For a long time, former Maine Conservation Department commissioner Dick Anderson and other leaders of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) have been trying to route the ... More from this site

Avian Collision and Electrocution: An Annotated Bibliography
Over the years, Joan Humphrey, Martin Scheel, Katherine Bodeman-Wadsworth, and Dick Anderson continued the literature search. We could not have gathered such a diversity of books ... the cover artwork. Finally, we thank Robert Haussler, James Brownell, Dave Maul and Dick Anderson for their editing assistance and for their support and encouragement throughout this project. ...

North: The International A.T. in Canada and South: Connector Trail to Alabama
They were five person from Maine, one from Quebec and nine from New Brunswick. Dick Anderson gave a slide presentation of aerial photographs of the proposed corridor which was ... board executive of the International Appalachian Trail/Sentier International des Appalaches is as follows: Dick Anderson, president (Maine) Andrew Wake, vice-president (Quebec) Michel Albert, sec./tres. (New Brunswick) New ...

International A.T. News - Summer 1997
Quebec, according to Dick Anderson, president of the board's Maine IAT chapter and a lawyer from Portland. ''The philosophy was to use the mountains to connect nations,'' Anderson said. ''You know ... from Georgia to Mount Katahdin. Completion of the international trail had been expected by 2000, Anderson said, but he now believes that goal was too ambitious. With the voluntary work force ... More from this site

Greenbelt Alliance | Resource Center
Our superstar field volunteers included Kathy Griffin, Nell Chadwick, Dee Vieira, Dick Anderson, Karen Kops, Kathleen Kerns, Dale Watson, Clinton Fields, Larry Tracey, Reggie Moore, A.J. Fardella ...

NWCC Probability of Impact Workshop - November 13, 2007
Erickson - Summary Methodologies: Potential Impact Index (PII) Score (Al Manville, FWS) Reconnaissance Level Site Assessment (Dick Anderson) Quantitative data collection (Dale Strickland, WEST) Ecological (formal) Risk Assessment (Crissy Sutter, Pandion Systems) Case ...

NWCC - Avian Workgroup - Meeting Summary - June 23, 1999
Initial audience is NWCC. Tom Gray, Dick Anderson, Steve Ugoretz with support from A. Arnold will write up a scope of work and ... More from this site

Building Web Pages -- HTML Commands
Making Lists Adding Images Adding Hypertext Links Adding Tables Other HTML Commands Photograph by Athena Anderson Anolis carolinensis Voigt, 1832 Green anole Updated: 15 January, 2008 Discover Life | Education | Training Guides ... not apply within the table. Top Other HTML Commands "Learning HTML in 24 hours" by Dick Oliver is a good reference guide to add other HTML commands to your Web pages ...

Plan B 2.0 Team
Anderson (5) Wisconsin Ken Anderson (5) Utah Mary Anderson (14) Maryland Nancy Anderson (5) California Peter Anderson (5) California Philip Anderson (5) Maryland Richard Anderson (11) California Sandra Anderson (5) Illinois Sigurd Anderson (20) Minnesota Delwin Anderson (5) Virginia Richard Anderson ... (5) Belgium Michael Dibley (13) Iowa Leah Dick (10) Oklahoma John Dickerman (21) Calfornia Gylan ...

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