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Eben Fodor
Eben Fodor Minnesotans For Sustainability© [ Home ] [ Up ] [ Feedback Please ] [ Table of Contents ] [ Search MFS ] [ MFS News ] Sustainable ... environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period. Author: Eben Fodor Founder and principal of Fodor & Associates in Eugene, Oregon specializing in community and land use planning. The firm ...

Sustainability Authors
R. Elbel, Fred Erickson, Dell Estrada, Richard Fallon, Joseph Fleay, Brian J. Fletcher, Joseph Fodor, Eben Fromm, Paul Glaze, Ed III Goldsborough, Gorak, David Grant, Lindsey Gregory, Marvin Guidetti, ... Diamond William Dickinson Steve Diver Richard Duncan Paul Ehrlich Dell Erickson Brian J. Fleay Eben Fodor Dave Gorak Lindsey Grant Michael G. Hanauer Jay Hanson Garrett Hardin Richard Heinberg ... More from this site

Sprawl & Growth Topics Covered in the Planning Commissioners Journal
Two Perspectives on Sprawl: Bringing Sprawl to a Crawl The Anti-Sprawl Mantra ... by Eben Fodor by Wayne Lemmon 4. Stopping Sprawl by Growing Smarter by Edward T. McMahon 5. Controlling ... Ordinance: One Town's Experience by Kate Lampton 7. The Three Myths of Growth by Eben Fodor 8. Center-ing Our Suburbs by Richard Untermann 9. Gateway Communities by Edward T. McMahon ...

PCJ Article 205: Two Perspectives on Sprawl
Two Perspectives on Sprawl: 1. Bringing Sprawl to a Crawl by Eben Fodor 2. The Anti-Sprawl Mantra by Wayne Lemmon Eben Fodor, author of Better, Not Bigger, outlines six steps individuals and communities ... More from this site

EcoIQ Magazine Reviews Fall 1999
Eben Fodor, Better, Not Bigger: How To Take Control Of Urban Growth And Improve Your Community, debunks the ideology that growth is necessarily good for communities. Growth can, Fodor shows ... , a lost sense of community, and sacrificed environmental quality. The real winners, contends Fodor, are real estate developers, mortgage bankers, realtors, and construction companies who utilize local ...

EcoOutlet Books
More… Better, Not Bigger. By Eben V. Fodor. Most cities are busily doing everything they can to grow as fast as possible. More ... better and enhance our quality of life. So isn't urban growth good for us? Fodor asserts that bigger is not necessarily better. Growth - especially rapid growth - can leave communities permanently ... More from this site

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