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Energy Labelling - Energy Rating Home Page
Energy Labelling - Energy Rating Home Page a joint initiative of Commonwealth, State, and Territory government agencies Everyone has a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Choosing an energy ...

Energy Labelling - Selecting an efficient appliance
It lists the information found on energy rating labels that are attached to all current models on the market. It also lists those models that have won an energy ... More from this site

Energy Ratings, Five 5 Star Accredited First Rate Energy Raters - Healthy House, Victoria, Australia.
Energy Ratings, Five 5 Star Accredited First Rate Energy Raters - Healthy House, Victoria, Australia.   Services Accredited FIRST RATE House Energy Efficiency Rating Services From 1 July 2004, every new ... for First Rate energy efficiency rating for residential housing and multi-unit developments. We were also part of the development team that produced the House Energy Rating software "First Rate" ...

Energy Ratings, Five 5 Star Accredited First Rate Energy Raters - Healthy House, Victoria, Australia.-
Energy Advisor in residential construction, A former member of the 'First Rate' House Energy Rating software development team, Specialist in sustainable buildings with a focus on energy efficiency and occupant health, Guest lecturer (Renewable Energy ... More from this site

ESB: Home Energy Rating Systems
Office of Energy Efficiency is supporting a home energy rating program called HERO, Home Energy Ratings of Ohio. A "star" rating system was developed to identify the energy efficiency of new and existing homes and can be used as certification for energy ...

The Energy Efficient Home
Sustainable House Design This page discusses the energy consumption of a 'normal' home and environmentally/economically sound ways ... block we can almost eliminate this energy cost A ‘normal home’ using electricity for its energy, consumes something over 20 kilowatt ... best for your pocket and the environment.Use the excellent Energy rating site (see left) to help you choose new appliances. ...

Energy Source Home Labels
Energy Source Home Labels Energy Source Home Labels Capturing the extra value of home energy efficiency is vital to the success of home energy rating systems and home certification programs. But how ... any home energy ratings or certifications. Some organizations choose to print the features with a laser printer. This can be accomplished with your word processing, database or energy rating software. ...

Energy Efficient Homes: Energy Efficient Products, Building and Shelters
When replacing appliances, check for an energy efficiency label. Many new appliances come with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). The higher the EER, the less it will cost you to operate the appliance. Adjust air conditioning and heating thermostats to use less energy when ...

Articles Category: Energy Efficient Home Cooling - Energy Efficient Homes-Energy Efficient Home, Energy Efficient Home Articles,Global Warming
Energy Efficient Homes Articles in Home | Energy Efficient Home Cooling Title|Newest|Oldest energy efficient : home cooling-"Air Conditioners: Increase Efficiency and Reduce Electricity Bills" By : _ The SEER Rating An abbreviation for Seasonal Energy ...

alternative energy : bio fuel - "Reducing Heating & Gasoline Costs Significantly with Biodiesel"
Rating = 3/5 Click the XML Icon Above to Receive Bio Fuel Articles Via RSS! Additional Articles From - Home | Alternative Energy | Bio Fuel alternative energy : bio ... Sam Streubel alternative energy : bio fuels - "The Ultimate Solution to The Present Energy Crisis" - By : Charles Lacuna alternative energy: bio fuel- "Biodiesel, the New Energy Revolution" - By : J. Cahill alternative energy : ... More from this site

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