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South America. (See » Origins and Relationships.) Young llama at Stoney Oaks (Photo by Gail Simons) Llamas were used as beasts of burden (although they were never ridden) and could carry ...

New Zealand: Rare Chinchillas A Rare Breed of South American Origin Baby Chinchilla (Photo by Gail Simons) The Chinchilla is a native of South America. A burrowing member of the rodent family ... was almost exterminated in the wild until strict protection laws were passed. Chinchillas (Photo by Gail Simons) Today it is farmed for its fur in both North and South America, but in ... More from this site

Notes and News ~ Rare Breeds Conservation Society
Inventory. [2.6.2008] New Kunekune Book Gail Simons' book "Pumpkin," a story of love and friendship, was released to book ... story about a Kunekune pig. The photo on the right is of Gail showing the book to Pumpkin's parents – Piggles and Pip. The ... years of Pumpkin's life. "She was the most awesome pig," says Gail. "She was two weeks off having her first litter of piglets when ...

Importation: Recent Overseas: Minority Alpacas A Minority Breed of South American Origin Alpaca (Photo by Gail Simons) The Alpaca is the smaller of the two main breeds of domesticated camelids from South ... More from this site

National Association for Interpretation
Krynak 2006 - Joanie Cahill, Wil Reding 2005 - Foster Brown, Linda M. Yemoto 2004 - Don R. Simons 2003 - Scott Mair, Mary Bonnell 2002 - Jason Neumann 2001 - David Stokes 2000 - Brian Cahill 1999 ... Westerburg, Jim Malkowski, Fred Wooley, Siah St. Clair 1989 - Jann Young, Karin Hostetter, William Randall, Gail Vander Stoep, Doug Ruth, Dick Namba 1988- Tom Christensen, Ann Wright, Rich Koopman, Dave ...

The EarthLight Library
Mongolian wild horses and the future of life on Earth. Cultivating Relational Intelligence -- by Nina Simons Co-founder of the Bioneers Conference talks about a major shift in our way of ... Peer On Living the Great Story (Fall 2000) Discovering the Divine within the Universe by Gail Worcelo, CP Evening Thoughts by Thomas Berry Rediscovering Fire: Religion, Science & Mysticism in Teilhard de ...

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Simon, PhD, Gerald Simon, MD, David L. Simon, Joel M. Simonds, Anthony D. Simone, Edgar Simons, Walter Simons, Jack Simonton, Harry C. Simonton, James D. Simpson, PhD, Stephen G. Simpson, PhD, Stephen ... . Singer, Allen W. Singer, DVM, Robet B. Singer, Iqbal Singh, MD, Harjit Singh, MD, Gainmattie Gail Singh, Raj N. Singh, Erwin Single, Vernon Leroy Singleton, PhD, William M. Singleton, Matthew D ...

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