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World Conservation Union’s Cat Specialist Group. Cat Specialist Group member Dr. Rosa Garcia-Perea studies the morphology of museum specimens of the Andean mountain cat. World’s smallest cat ...

Chinese Mountain Cat
Paper in submission to Biological Conservation. NOT FOR CITATION OR REPRODUCTION. MS Word file. Garcia-Perea, R. 2000. Morphological characteristics and affinities of the Chinese mountain cat. Preliminary report to CAT ... More from this site

Chinese Mtn Cat
Mus. Zool. Acad. Sc. Petrograd, 21, Itinéraires, Nouvelles et Faits divers: 1-2. García-Perea, R. 1994. The pampas cat group (genus Lynchailurus Severtzov, 1858) (Carnivora, Felidae), a systematic and biogeographic review. American Museum Novitates, 3096: 1-35. García-Perea, R. 1999. A morphological guide to differentiate Andean Mountain Cats, Oreailurus jacobita, and ...