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Nobel Price winning Grameen Bank. By Abser Kamal – Grameen Shakti/Bangladsh. Successes of Centre for Rural Technology/Nepal on improved water ... energy programmes with special focus on the implementation of biogas, since 1980. Grameen Shakti, a member if the “Grameen Family” of organisations, active on large-scale dissemination of PV solutions ...

INFORSE-Asia homepage International Network for Sustainable Energy
IDEA from Sri Lanka, CRT from Nepal, Grameen Shakti from Bangladesh, OVE in Denmark. Find contacts under "Search Members & Contacts" on the left ... Philippines - Ashden Award to Grameen Shakti and TIDE - Solar Energy Leads in Indian Climate Action Plan January 23-24, 2008 Workshop in Bangladesh Contact: Grameen Shakti, Email: or Raymond Myles, ... More from this site

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