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Because of other factors, however, much less uv radiation reaches the ground in the higher latitudes. Organisms at these latitudes have adapted to ...

Earth's rotation with a speed of nearly 1700 kilometers per hour. Parcels at higher latitudes move at slower speeds; parcels at the poles do not have any rotational speed at ... can see that the airflow around the eastern part of the ocean is from the higher, colder latitudes. Surface ocean water follows a similar path. As both the air and water begin ... More from this site

CRU Information Sheet no. 13: Volcanoes and their effect on climate
Major eruptions in lower latitudes are more climatically effective as the veil is capable of reaching the higher latitudes of both hemispheres, because of the nature of the atmospheric circulation. Material from major eruptions in the middle-to-high latitudes of each hemisphere ...

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
GCM-based climate scenarios, large shifts of vegetation boundaries into higher latitudes and elevations can be expected. The mix of species within a given vegetation ... levels, and thawing of permafrost at high latitudes. In lakes and streams, warming would have the greatest biological effects at high latitudes-where biological productivity would increase and lead ...

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Generally, middle to high latitudes may experience increases in productivity, depending on crop type, growing season, changes in ... such as longer growing seasons, lower natural winter mortality, and faster growth rates in higher latitudes-may be offset by negative factors such as changes in established reproductive patterns, ... More from this site

FAQ - Will China's agriculture suffer from climate change?
Northern plain of China. This could especially boost production of wheat and maize. Higher ... the other hand there is a number of climate researchers who have predicted a higher frequency and greater strength of "extreme" weather conditions, such as taifunes, hurricanes or draughts ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Whale Rescue | Leatherback turtles freed in Cape Cod Bay - June-September, 2004
Sightings of leatherbacks at sea are incredibly rare but entanglement ...

Weather Machine
Cold air and ocean currents flow back toward the ...

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change : Health Impacts
As climate change brings tropical weather to higher latitudes, tropical diseases - like the West Nile virus - will follow. Ecosystem disruption will make the ... scourge on public health. Climate change will make smog more intense, and lead to still higher rates of asthma and heart disease. The most devastating casualties will be among inhabitants ... More from this site

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Growing seasons will also change in many latitudes. Associated changes in precipitation will mean that agricultural zones for some crops will shift to higher latitudes, with more of Canada and Siberia ... be hardest hit are now thought to be those in developing countries in tropical latitudes, and these are already disadvantaged. The economic development of these nations could be seriously ...

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