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NRDC: Press Release - False Answer To Pain At The Pump: Higher Prices and More Polluter Giveaways, Roadblocks to Clean Energy
False Answer To Pain At The Pump: Higher Prices and More Polluter Giveaways, Roadblocks to Clean Energy Skip to main content ... or see our contact page False Answer To Pain At The Pump: Higher Prices and More Polluter Giveaways, Roadblocks to Clean Energy WASHINGTON (July 23, 2008) ... 's allies in Congress don't actually intend to lower gas prices; all they want is to shovel even more tax dollars into ...

CoP-9 in Milan: A Fashionable Trend for Climate Agreements
Bring your bags of money to buy those cheap credits to sell them later at higher prices. Bring your lawyers. And a nice pen to sign it. So, welcome to the jungle ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
The cheap options of the South will be captured today, and then traded tomorrow - at higher prices. And, who knows, even sold back to the South! CDM is a desperately sought after ... to US$200-300 per tonne in the long term. When the South has reached higher levels of energy efficiency, its domestic costs for curtailing carbon emissions will also increase. The ... More from this site

April 28, 2004: World Food Prices Rising: Environmental Neglect Shrinking Harvests in Key Countries
Prices of livestock products that require large amounts of grain are particularly sensitive to higher grain prices. By contrast, bread prices do not usually rise much because ... Yellow maize, used mostly for livestock feed, climbed by 30 percent during the same period. Higher prices reflect sagging production in the face of soaring demand as the world continues to add ...

November 23, 2001: World Grain Harvest Falling Short by 54 Million Tons
The poor harvests of the last two years were largely due to weak grain prices ... low, prices will rise. Higher prices will curb demand, particularly the feeding of grain to livestock, and will encourage production. Supply and demand will again be in balance, but at a higher price. If ... More from this site

This action restricted oil sales to the United States, leading to oil shortages and higher prices at the pump. When oil and gas became scarce in the US, the government established ... , production, and management of oil and gas wells. After the crisis in Iran passed, oil prices plummeted. The government rescinded the tax exemption, causing the tax benefits for funding new wells ...

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Moreover, women are often undercounted in national labor statistics, due to their higher level of participation in subsistence agriculture and other unremunerated family enterprises. In developing countries ... cause for alarm: if free markets function well, a scarcity of resources will trigger higher prices, which will in turn encourage measures to conserve them. Most environmentalists are less ...

Propane Prices: What Consumers Should Know
Cold weather early in the heating season can cause higher prices sooner rather than later, since early inventory ... Propane wholesalers and retailers are forced to pay higher prices as propane markets are bid higher due to dwindling supply. Consequently, higher propane prices are simply passed on to consumers. Imports ...

Residential Natural Gas Prices: What Consumers Should Know
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects that generally higher prices will continue through this winter. According to its Short- ... to spread gas costs evenly throughout the year, thereby lessening the impact of higher prices. Check natural gas appliances and space-heating equipment for efficient operation. Obtain a ... More from this site

Prices & supplies - May 31 | Energy Bulletin
Published May 31 2008 by Energy Bulletin Archived May 31 2008 Prices & supplies - May 31 by Staff Click on the headline (link) for ... $4 as Higher Prices Curb Fuel Demand Mark Shenk, Bloomberg Crude oil fell more than $4 a barrel on signs that record prices in the ... Mercantile Exchange. Futures reached a record $135.09 on May 22. Prices have more than doubled over the past year. Oil traded at ...

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