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WWF - Humphead wrasse
Humphead wrasse myWWF Sign in | Sign up | Help About WWF How You Can Help News & Facts FAQ search Home > About WWF > What We Do > Species > About Species > Species Factsheets > Humphead wrasse Humphead wrasse Ecology & Habitat Population & Distribution Threats Humphead wrasse Naturally rare, and in high demand Common Name Humphead wrasse, Napoleon wrasse ...

2007 IUCN Red List – 2004 Photo Gallery
Photo © Fundacion ProAves (c/o Paul Salaman). Humphead Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) is widely distributed on coral reefs and inshore habitats throughout much of the ...

2007 IUCN Red List – Search
WRASSE, HUMPHEAD WRASSE, HUMPHEAD, MAORI WRASSE, NAPOLEON WRASSE, TRUCK WRASSE, UNDULATE WRASSE French — NAPOLEON Assessment Information Red List Category & Criteria: EN A2bd+3bd ver 3.1 (2001) Year Assessed: 2004 Assessor/s: Russell, B. (Grouper & Wrasse ... More from this site

Threatened and Endangered Species -
There is data for larger species that indicates huge losses of parrotfish, humphead wrasse, and grouper. Spiny lobsters are now very hard to find in any coral reef and ... and olive ridley turtles, various species of saw fish and the blue whale. The dugong, Humphead wrasse, whale shark, humpback whale, grey nurse shark, great white shark are examples of marine animals ...

National Geographic Sulu-Sulawesi -- Credits
Philippines Megan Thaler Research Assistant World Wildlife Fund Education Department Photo, Video, and Audio Credits Humphead wrasse and bumphead parrotfish photographs by David Doubilet. Brydes whale photograph by Flip Nicklin. Coral photograph ...

Office of International Affairs - International Agreements
Appendix I All giant clam species All stony coral species Basking shark Great White Sharks Humphead wrasse Most sturgeon species Queen Conch Seahorses West Greenland stock of minke whales Whale shark ^ top ...

Marine and Anadromous Fish - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
(Sebastes elongatus) Puget Sound C Gulf sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi) T humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) S key silverside (Menidia conchorum) S largetooth sawfish (Pristis ... Pacific salmon - NMFS Northwest Region Pacific Salmon Publications - NMFS Northwest Region Humphead Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) Photo: Brian Zgliczynski, NOAA Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) Photo: ... More from this site

WWF - Species Factsheets
Black spider monkey Brown bear Cetaceans Clouded Leopards Elephants Eurasian lynx Giant Panda Great Apes Humphead wrasse Iberian lynx Marine turtles Polar Bear Rhinoceros Saola Spectacled bear Tigers Species Factsheets Our neighbours ...

Conservation International - Bird's Head
Blue whales, manta rays, and humphead wrasse add to its diverse and unique marine wildlife, much of which scientists have yet to ...

Conservation International - How Do We Set Our Clock?
(Dermochelys coriacea) Bastard quiver tree (Aloe pillansii) African red land crab (Afrithelphusa monodosus) Giant humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) Madagascar baobab (Adansonia grandidieri) Tiger (Panthera tigris) Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) Goliath beetle ... More from this site

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