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Insulation foams
Insulation foams Home | Press room | Newsletters | Useful links | About us | Contact us | Sitemap search Applications > Insulation foams Print this page Air conditioning - Stationary Air conditioning - Mobile Insulation foams ... superior insulation is reducing CO2 -emissions associated with the energy required for the heating and cooling. Technical Fluorocarbons used for insulation foams : HFCs   :  ...

Fluorocarbons users. NEW: Log-book in 7 languages Air conditioning - Stationary Air conditioning - Mobile Insulation foams Medical aerosols Refrigeration Other applications The families of fluorinated gases and their properties HFCs PFCs ... More from this site

Healthy Indoor Air
(UFFI). This product was taken off the market and is virtually unavailable today. Foams installed back then are unlikely to cause problems today. Other types of foam insulation are not ...

ESB: Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem
Solve Ozone Problem Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem Manufacturers of rigid foam insulation board have successfully phased out the ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) once used as ... difficult. In the meantime, there are already some ozone-safe foams for spray-on or injection applications. The Icynene Insulation System, formerly called Insealation, has been around for several years ...

ESB: Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
CABO permits 2.0 pcf extruded polystyrene for horizontal insulation and 2.0 pcf extruded or expanded polystyrene for vertical insulation. The compressive strength of 2 pcf extruded is 40 pounds ... around 2500 psf. If you prefer a margin of safety, higher density foams are available. Designing Good Drainage Insulation is only half the equation. The other half is drainage and moisture control ... More from this site

Tightening Up Your Home - INSULATION
It also tends to be more expensive than most other types of insulation. Urethane foams ...

Home Construction - Insulation
It also tends to be more expensive than most other types of insulation. Urethane foams ... of Page Health Risks with Insulation Insulation may pose some health risk - especially loose fill-type insulation, which can shed fibers into the air. Mineral and fiberglass insulation may have possible ... More from this site

DayCreek Journal - October 18, 2002
Using foam insulation is not the most earth-friendly method of ... -gas any toxic chemicals. There are also new soy oil based foams that will probably make sense too, but at this point, ... have certainly used other forms of insulation to fill in the gap between the walls, but the foam insulation was the best option in ...

DayCreek Journal - The Doors!
Foam Insulation Update In the last journal entry I mentioned a product called Icynene and since reporting on the product, I have found two other foams worth mentioning. The ... like Icynene, so a wire mesh should be installed in open spaces to hold the insulation in place. Here's their website: All of these options will ... More from this site

Home Energy Magazine Online
R-value. Building scientists and researchers have concluded that adding insulation is not enough. Insulation only works when it ... , we have had success with more aggressive air sealing techniques such as super expanding foams (Click here for a photograph) and dense packed cellulose treatments. For large surface areas ...

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