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NGDC/STP - Ionospheric Data US Total Electron Content (Vertical and Slant)
NGDC/STP - Ionospheric Data US Total Electron Content (Vertical and Slant) Search NGDCSearch NOAA NOAA > NESDIS > NGDC > stp > ionosphere ... data from this event. SPIDR Online Data Access & Plots US Total Electron Content CD-ROM Dataset Introduction to the Ionosphere US TEC Product Archive Vertical Soundings (Ionograms) Definition of Ionospheric Regions Ionospheric Related Models Ionospheric ...

NGDC/WDC STP, Boulder-Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Solar Data Services
The regular publications, Solar-Geophysical Data and the now terminated Ionospheric Data, contain data which have been extensively reformatted to present them in ... More from this site

CO2 Science
Book Reviews Carbon Sequestration Global Change Dictionary Subject Index Data MWP Project Plant Growth Dry Weight Photosynthesis U.S. Climate Data World Temperatures GHCN HadCRUT3 MSU Radiosonde Contribute Estore ... studies. Dr. Sheehan is currently investigating the effects of time-varying electric fields on ionospheric ion velocity distributions. In the near future, he plans to commence a study of ...

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