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Jackrabbit, Lepus californicus, L. townsendii, L. americanus, control and biology information
Eight jackrabbits are estimated to eat as much as one sheep, and 41 jackrabbits as much as one cow. Estimates of jackrabbit populations run as ... controls and natural mortality will suffice to keep jackrabbit populations in check. Economic loss on croplands is much easier to measure. In areas with historic jackrabbit or hare damage, farmers should anticipate ...

ASM | Mammals of California
Casc to 2500 m 246, 544 White-tailed jackrabbit Lepus townsendii Common; 1 ssp Special Concern E, > 1500 m 1189, 1349 288 Black-tailed jackrabbit Lepus californicus Common Statewide < 2500 ... Canis familiaris Common, Introduced Statewide exc high elev Red fox Vulpes vulpes Some populations introduced; native populations uncommon to rare NW Central Valley (introd.); Sierra Nevada & Cascades 435, 436, ...

ASM | Mammals of Florida
LAGOMORPHA Leporidae Black-tailed jackrabbit Lepus californicus introduced established in Homestead area, esp. around airport 60, 245(Y) ... 584 189 Ursidae Black bear Ursus americanus rare or uncommon localized populations statewide except Keys 142(C), 1132(S) - populations on national forests and some other large, managed areas; ... More from this site

NMPIF Grassland 1
(Lepus callotis)(Williams 1991) grasslands have some low shrub component (Bock and Bock 1992) ... the state. 2. Determine the cause of declines in Grasshopper Sparrow populations in the Animas and Playas Valleys. Survey for additional populations within the bootheel of New Mexico. 3. Identify areas ...

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