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The Jane Goodall Institute
Primate Hunting Reaches Crisis Point in Latin America —SPIEGEL ONLINE "Monkey numbers in Latin America have fallen dramatically in recent years ... April, Bruce Wagman drove up to a one-story brick house outside Sanford, N.C. With him were two police cruisers ... said yesterday." 3/23/2004 — Gorilla study gives social clues — BBC News "The western gorilla lives peacefully in human-like social groups, ...

Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund: Latest news
New Arrivals An infant colobus monkey arrived to Mefou a couple of weeks ago.She has been named Vala.Vala will live in the monkey ... keep him going. Djakou is now with the two infant gorilla keepers, Appolinaire and Terri.After he has finished his ... attempts of capture. After 4 very, very long weeks, our gorilla keeper, Bruno, skillfully darted Wazak using a tranquiliser gun ...

Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund: Latest news
Eventually we managed to obtain the necessary papers to bring the gorilla to Yaounde . The gorilla was a strong healthy boy and our vet named ... another new Baboon, Mimi. The quarantine cage has been modified to house them since Phi was so small he fit through the caging. ... with us. Our gorilla garden is secure with the new metal posts as well as the building of the double monkey satellite cage. Our ... More from this site

Pan bloglodytes What do you do with your degree?
Although free-living chimpanzees are known ... an undergrad telling me how excited she got when she found gorilla dung. (She focused her research on the feeding behavior of gorillas ... we went to Masindi to get supplies and finally to our house. The house is meager but we are adjusting. No electricity–instead ...

'Anyone who has seen a gorilla (and a chimpanzee) at the zoo will realise the intellectual difference,' ... in 1845. It lived for seven months. In 1927 the new monkey house at London Zoo was opened, and hopes were raised for ... its large indoor playground, Belfast with its huge outdoor compound, and Monkey World in Dorset. The latter acts as a rescue centre ...

The Monkey House
Monkey House at Jeannie's Cottage.

Monkey House: Gorilla
Monkey House: Gorilla The gorillas above are Rilly of Rwanda of the Coca-Cola International Bean Bag collection. The two gorillas on the right are Congo the gorilla Beanie Baby and ... many different kinds of monkeys living at the Monkey House at Jeannie's Cottage. Click on the links below to visit them: Baboon | Chimpanzee | Colobus | Gorilla | Orang-utan | Proboscis monkey | Snow Monkey African ... More from this site

February 2007 -
Despite this ... . [ Agriculture] New monkey species in Uganda (02/19/2007) Uganda may soon have a new species of monkey according to ... Hansen and James Lovelock -- will determine the winner. [ Borneo | Conservation] House Hearing on Global Warming Features Politics, Research, and Flatulent Dinosaurs [ ...

Species of Phong Nha Ke Bang. Fauna & Flora International-Indochina Programme, Hanoi. Labour-Society Publishing House, Hanoi: 143pp Pham Nhat, Do Quang Huy, Pham Hong Nguyen, 2000. Report on the ... of a West African red colobus monkey. Conservation Biology 14: 1526-1532. 2000 (E.E. Sarmiento & J.F. Oates) The Cross River gorillas: A distinct subspecies, Gorilla gorilla diehli Matschie 1904. American ...

San Diego Zoo: Shops
GREENZOO™ (next to Monkey Trails and Absolutely Apes): Our newest gift shop offers ... , guidebooks, postcards, and specialty candy counter. Treehouse Trader (Treehouse at Gorilla Tropics): Unique crafts from around the world, toys, books, hats ... available for rent. Zoofari Photos (across from the Reptile House): Visit our Zoofari Photo Studio and pick up your ...

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