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Zoo Posted at 10:09 am June 5, 2008 by Mychael McNeeley The Horticulture Department has wound down from preparations and activities ... Happy People Posted at 11:49 am June 13, 2007 by Mychael McNeeley The San Diego Zoo’s Horticulture Department has been working on ... more ``the place where every monkey would love to live.'' Mychael McNeeley is a lead gardener and certified arborist at the San ...

San Diego Zoo Blogs
Meet our Staff: Gardener Judy Bell Posted at 4:57 pm July 22, 2008 by Mychael McNeeley Judy Bell started at the Zoo in 1977 and has been with the Horticulture Department ... the non-human primates who live in the forest around Gorilla Tropics and Absolutely Apes. Mychael McNeeley is a lead gardener at the San Diego Zoo. Read the rest of this entry ... More from this site

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