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Raccoon, Procyon lotor, damage control and management information
Raccoons from the prairie areas of the western Great Plains are paler in color ... and young of ground-nesting birds and waterfowl. Contrary to popular myth, raccoons do not always wash their food before eating, ... time. These techniques have included the use of lights, radios, dogs, scarecrows, plastic or cloth streamers, aluminum pie pans, tin can ...

Prairie Dog Coalition - For The Media
Coalition Funders Volunteer Opennings About Prairie Dogs Black Tailed Prairie Dog White Tailed Prairie Dog Mexican Prairie Dog Utah Prairie Dog Gunnison's Prairie Dog Fascinating Facts Associated ... Releases & News Organization & Background Myth-stakes & Facts Common Myth-stakes and Facts Additional Resources About Prairie Dogs 101 Questions and Answers About Prairie Dogs Current Front Range Issues ...

Threats to Prairie Dogs
Prairie dogs are killed because they are perceived as competing with cattle for forage (even though published studies in range science journals have debunked this myth 8*). ... learn more, view and download our fact sheet on prairie dogs and diet. • The plague is primarily devastating to prairie dogs, not humans. Prairie dogs have almost no immunity to the plague. 7* Consequently ...

Myths: Facts and Fiction about Prairie Dogs
Tell them what you have learned about prairie dogs and refer them to this Web site. MYTH: Prairie Dogs Are Everywhere Actually, black-tailed prairie dogs ... 10* MYTH: Prairie Dogs Spread the Plague In fact, prairie dogs rarely transmit plague to humans. This disease does pose a significant threat to prairie dog populations. Because prairie dogs lack immunity ... More from this site

About Mount Diablo
Nisenan elder Dalbert Castro once explained, "the place where dogs came from in trade". Most of Mount Diablo, including its peak ... , the rock on which he roosted, gave birth to Wek-wek (Prairie Falcon-man). With the help of his grandfather Coyote-man, ... and Places… in San Ramon Valley", Bev Ortiz "Mount Diablo as Myth and reality; an Indian History Convoluted", George A. Pettit "Clayton; Not ...

Orion Grassroots Network | LandChoices
I would spend hours hiking and walking our dogs. LandChoices wants to show people that this type of living ... Tryon Farm. Supersize My Backyard™ also seeks to dispel the myth among planners and developers that conservation subdivisions are costly and ... would be excited about living in houses surrounded by conserved prairie, mature forests, and restored natural wetlands. We are pleased that ...

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