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Dr David Stevens: Publications
Naveira Garabato and D.P. Stevens (2002): High mixing rates in the abyssal Southern Ocean. Nature, 415, 1011-1014, doi:10.1038/4151011a, GS. Naveira Garabato ... , doi:10.1175/JPO2974.1, GS. Naveira Garabato, A.C., D.P. Stevens, A.J ... Naveira Garabato (2005): The causes of full ocean depth interannual variability in Drake Passage. CLIVAR Exchanges, 10, No. 4, 27-29. Meredith, M.P., A.C. Naveira Garabato ...

Scientific Personnel
East Anglia Dave Stevens, Physical Oceanographer, Karen Heywood, Physical Oceanographer Inga Smith, Physical Oceanographer Alberto Naveira Garabato, Physical Oceanographer Louise Sime, Physical Oceanographer Glen Richardson, Physcial Oceanographer Manfredi Manizza, Nutrients/oxygens Proudman ... More from this site