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Nitrous oxide sources - Tropical Soils
Additionally, increased atmospheric nitrogen deposition due to man-made nitrogen emissions ... , makes sense both environmentally and economically. Strict control of man-made atmospheric nitrogen emissions could also help to reduce future nitrous oxide emissions from this source ...

Nitrous oxide sources - Temperate soils
Denitrification involves the reduction of nitrate in the soil to gaseous nitrogen (N2) by anaerobic bacteria. Again, nitrous oxide can be produced during this process ... of nitrogen based fertilizers in recent decades has given rise to much increased nitrous oxide emissions from temperate soils. Additionally, increased atmospheric nitrogen deposition due to man-made nitrogen emissions, ... More from this site

Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis
Effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 Effects of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition Additional impacts of changing atmospheric chemistry Additional ...

Research - Universitity Leuven
Gent University published a short communication in Nature on the observed positive relationship between nitrogen (N) pollution and carbon dioxide absorption by forests. They come to the conclusion that ... might be N saturated, even if they show increased carbon sequestration. This means that nitrogen deposition from traffic and agriculture seems to be positive for forest growth and greenhouse gas ...

GreenHouse Gas Online - Greenhouse Gas News, Research and Resources
Additionally, increased nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere, again resulting from human activity, may also greatly increase net methane emissions ...

Helcom : About us
Significant reductions in atmospheric nitrogen deposition. Dramatic reductions in emissions of organo-halogen compounds such as toxic dioxins and furans. National ...

Helcom : Publications
Atmospheric Supply of Nitrogen, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Dioxins/Furans to the Baltic Sea in 2005 (2007) Estimation of atmospheric nitrogen deposition to the Baltic Sea in 2010 based on agreed emission ceilings under the EU NEC Directive and the Gothenburg Protocol - Executive Summary (2006) Estimation of atmospheric nitrogen deposition ... More from this site

Air Pollution
In particular, nitrogen deposition and elevated ... provides a comprehensive account of the current status of the problems of acid deposition, eutrophication and ground-level ozone pollution in the UK. The obligations placed ...

Report 331 - Whole Ecosystem Nitrogen Manipulation: An Updated Review
Furthermore, in light of recent assessments that UK nitrogen emissions have stabilised and, in the case of nitrogen oxides, even ... nitrogen through the moss layer into the rooting zone, as the capacity to immobilise inputs is exceeded. The few data available on fen ecosystems indicate that high levels of nitrogen deposition ... More from this site

Nitrogen Enviropedia Climate Change Global Warming Ozone Air Pollution Weather & Climate Sustainability Kids INFORMATION Home Contents Acid Rain Introduction Acid Deposition Acidic Emissions Buildings Cars Chimneys ... Energy Nitrogen The gas nitrogen (N2), composed of molecules of two nitrogen atoms, occupies 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Nitrogen is ...

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