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Gurdjieff's system of human development
"S") rather than our ordinary self, i.e., our divine self, which is rooted in the same Creative Essence that created the External Universe. IMAGINARY "I" Our ordinary, illusionary or imaginary self ...

IC34 - Exploring Our Interconnectedness
World as Lover; World as Self by Joanna Macy Looking at the world as oneself - or as a lover - transforms ordinary reality and provides a greater sense of purpose ...

IC37 - It's About Time!
An approach to time management that's about reflection and choice - not more control. Beyond Ordinary Time by Gay-wynn Cooper Personalized ceremonies can assist us in times of transition to ... interview with Frithjof Bergmann, by Sarah van Gelder Technology, a shrinking job market, and intelligent self-providing could liberate us from work drudgery and give us time to do things we ... More from this site

Pirate Utopias (Do or Die)
"Conditions for ordinary seamen were both harsh and dangerous - and the pay was poor. Punishments available to the ... the Antilles, or to isolated bits of coastline or jungle. Here they often formed little self-governing bands or tribes of dropouts and runaways, in many ways mimicking the native peoples ...

No Evolution Without Revolution (Do or Die)
Enclosure disempowers communities, deforming their capacity for self - governance, their beautiful but fragile social ecologies, and empowers narrow elites and the inhuman market ... goal."[19] The 'common interest' of humanity is an illusion, and will remain so until ordinary people can talk of the world as truly 'belonging' to them. Only then might the ... More from this site

Community Sustainability | IISD
Communities and Climate Change (1999-2002) Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods (1999) Models of Self Empowerment-50 Award-winning Communities (1995) In many countries, local authorities have been ... development can generate enthusiasm where it counts the most—at the level of ordinary people. Hundreds of towns and cities have arranged themselves into loose coalitions focusing ...

Unfortunately, many people aren't realizing that dream. They are required by circumstances to ... your garden. Nurturing plants from seed to harvest inevitably leads to increased feelings of confidence, self-esteem and pride. One only sees the beaming face of a child who has harvested ...

As a journalist and documentary filmmaker, I witnessed ordinary people performing extraordinary feats on countless occasions. I documented ... business or romance, these potent moments of "transcendence of the ordinary" act as wells of inspiration and inventiveness that enable people ... that you too are inspired to go beyond your own self-created limits. What do we have to lose-except our ...

He has used solid paints to tint ordinary sand just the right color, and each rich hue sits in little ... -resolver offered by Simmons, going beyond the calm "I" of the meditative Self found at the center of the storm. It is to "embrace tiger ... soul, perceive the Divine Order in all things and build peace in self, others and the world. Maybe you're already there, or maybe this ... More from this site

Prophecies And Fulfillments - Self Realization through Sahaja Yoga
Samadhi state while dying. In the ... 't have to worry about food, shelter or clothing. While living ordinary lives people will achieve Yoga - Union with God. There will ... human being who desires to receive their Self Realization, the connection with their true Self and with the Divine. She describes this historic ...

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