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ECNC : Services : Global biodiversity policy instruments : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
The focus of this list is on the conservation of biological and landscape diversity. Instruments and policies are classified according to type of instrument ... global partnership is needed to achieve sustainable development. This Convention is the first global instrument to take a comprehensive approach to the issues of conserving the world's ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CoPs have been held; many policy directions taken; some policy instruments worked out, such as the ingenuous Kyoto Protocol ... ? Are they complying? The Protocol also came up with a policy instrument, a mechanism called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under which ... . Since 1997, it has become clear that CDM is an instrument that merely puts our atmosphere up for trade, and profit. ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CoP-8/UNFCCC SPECIAL EDITION 1 October 23, 2002 STATE OF AFFAIRS Estonia deposited its instrument of ratification to the Kyoto Protocol on October 14, 2002. Total number of ratifications: 96 ... : 37.4 Equity Watch glosses: for the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC to become a policy instrument that is legally binding, it must fulfil two conditions: (1) At least 55 countries, among ... More from this site

Index - Policies to Promote Renewable Energy - Policy - Global Energy Network Institute - GENI is the highest priority objective of the World Game (R. Buckminster Fuller).
What are the best policy options for promoting consumption/production of renewables? How does a policymaker decide which policy instrument is best for his/her country? Q ... 142 of document for details) Q: What are the best policy options for promoting consumption/production of renewables? Table 1 Policy Instrument Case Study Targets & Timetables European Union's indicative ...

Alternative Policy Study: Alternative Policy Study: Land and Water Resources in Arab African Countries
Contents Introduction Priority Issues Baseline Scenario Environmental Impacts of the Baseline Scenario Alternative Policy Options Environmental Impacts of Alternative Policies Introduction Table of contents The Arabic speaking ... of such policies. The command-and-control approach is the most widely used policy instrument. Although past research and theory have shown that this is the least cost- ...

GEO-2000: Introduction - Synthesis - Policy responses: a global overview
... awareness of environmental issues and their causes develops, the focus of policy questions shifts towards the policy response itself: what is being done, is it adequate and what ... policy via direct regulation is the most prominent policy instrument but its effectiveness depends on the manpower available, methods of implementation and control, and level of institutional coordination and policy ... More from this site

MRF > Law & Policy > Documents > WSSD Plan
Policy > Documents > WSSD Plan MRF > Law & Policy > Documents > WSSD Plan LAW & POLICY Law and Policy Home News Events WSSD International Law National Law Conflict Documents Research Papers Related Sites About Law & Policy ... global attention. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the key instrument for addressing climate change, a global concern, and we reaffirm our commitment ...

Climate Ark: Policy Actors/International Organizations Links
Search of Reviewed, Authoritative Content Climate Change Search Internet News Links Site Home > Policy Actors > International Organizations Climate Ark: International Organizations Links (XML/RSS) Links 1 of ... change policy-making Added: Apr. 25, 2004 | Rate It Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution -- UN international legally binding instrument to ...

Academics | Departments & Programs | Marine Policy | Faculty | University of Delaware
R. Sharp Scientific Diving Program Small Boat Fleet Weather & Local Tides Oceanographic Instrument Pool UNOLS East Coast Van Pool Recreational Boating Volunteer Programs Sea ... maritime transportation; domestic policy issues related to the Maritime Transportation System (MTS); science and technology policy in coastal and transportation systems; interdisciplinary technology-policy decision-making. ...

Statutory Instrument Practice
... considering the need for or are involved in the preparation of secondary legislation. Statutory Instrument Practice Statutory Instrument Practice provides guidance on the preparation and making of statutory instruments and the parliamentary ... , Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Enterprise Directorate) [Contact Us] [Freedom of Information] [Complaints] [Crown copyright] [Privacy policy]

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