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Everest and Himalaya autumn 2003 Expeditions
Andreas Bucher. Autumn 2004,Hermann Berie and Rainer Pircher . (German) Project Himalaya - Completed Jamie McGuinness and Catherine Pye summitted around 12:15 on May 14th. Jamie ( ... on a guided climb of Cho Oyu. Sherpas Dawa Gyalgen, Namgyal also summited. Arun Treks & Expeditions Arun Treks & Expeditions, Gary GullerÂ’s US-based outfit that ...

Everest and Himalaya autumn 2003 Expeditions
Shisha Pangma, but only reached its Central peak. (Italian) Project Himalaya Jamie McGuinness will be leading a group on Shisha Pangma this Fall. Jamie just recently ... past Spring on May 31st, equaling the latest pre-monsoon season Everest summit. Himex Shisha Pangma Russell Brice's outfit will be running a second expedition ... More from this site

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Chipko movement, which acquired international fame. Women in villages of the Garhwal region of the Himalaya began protesting against the timber lobby walking away with trees from forests where the ... at throwaway prices. In the early 1980s, government floated what was called a social forestry project. Farmers started planting eucalyptus trees. N C Saxena, former secretary to India’s Planning ...

Appropriate Technology and Co-operative Culture in Ladakh
Situated in the rainhsadow of Great Himalaya, it is a desert. Coupled with the high altitude, the ... greatly appreciated in Ladakh, and a local group formed around the project. The Group, known as the Ladakh Ecological Development Group, now ... or even Delhi. The Centre for Ecological Development, which is the project's headquarters in the heart of Leh, serves the purpose ...

TMI Annual Report 2002 - Himalaya Program
Report 2002 Home President's Letter Mission and History Andes Program Appalachian Program Himalaya Program Global Program Research and Exploration Program Summaries Trustees, Staff, Offices Donors and Partners From ... Himalaya Program began in Nepal in 1987; and more than a dozen projects have been initiated during the past 15 years. In 2002, TMI completed its 13-year Community Partnership Project ...

The Mountain Institute - Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Himalaya
Work » In the Himalayas » Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Himalaya Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Himalaya Program Area I Progam Components I Accomplishments The Himalayan ... for Biodiversity Sikkim, India Snow Leopard Peak Enterprise Program Sacred Sites Trail Project Building Livelihoods in the Beyuls Building Cooperation in Khangchendzonga About TMI ...

The Mountain Institute - Sikkim Biodiversity and Ecotourism Project
Sikkim Biodiversity and Ecotourism Project Sikkim Biodiversity and Ecotourism Project Overview I Project Area I Components I Accomplishments Success Stories I Challenges Nestled in the Eastern Himalaya, the state of Sikkim in India is home to immense biological diversity and a rich cultural heritage. The Sikkim Biodiversity and Ecotourism Project was a ... More from this site

Project Desafío 8000 | Multimedia gallery
Project Desafío 8000 | Multimedia gallery The wallpaper of the Desafío We have not been contracted by ... mountaineering as much as we do and because there is nothing more wonderful than the Himalaya for an enthusiast of this sport. These snapshots correspond to specific places and moments. We ...

Project Desafío 8000 | Press reports
Project Desafío 8000 | Press reports Saturday, 25/05/96 El alpinista, ... complicidad del sueco Goram Kropp (singular aventurero que unió Suecia con el Himalaya en bicicleta y tiene en su palmarés las más agresivas montañas del mundo ... ni la de la Diputación de Pontevedra, que amorosamente trasportaron hasta el Himalaya los hermanos Martínez Novas. El fuerte vendaval, con intensidades de hasta 120 ... More from this site

Volunteer in Nepal: Global Vision International volunteering program
Back to Program Search Overview Life on the Project The Project Further Information Further Information Project Leaders Country Fact File Go To Media Centre Dates and Costs Booking ... cultural diversity and chances to enjoy a range of outdoor adventures. High up in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal, you will have your orientation in the city of Kathmandu, before you ...

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