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Compassion Over Killing > COK’s Guide to Airing Documentaries on Public Access Television
To learn more, check out or e-mail Do people really watch public access television? Airing COK documentaries on public television stations ...

Duane Elgin - Let's Put The Vision In Television!
Sixth, get involved in the production process itself. Learn the skills of using television technology through public access facilities that are available through many local cable stations and some broadcast stations. Then work to see ...

Eugene Permaculture Guild - Eugene Oregon
The group may share ... over a hundred visitors giving us their well wishes. Local television stations KVAL and KEZI came and broadcast our event. Our ... educational programs to children and youth, teachers, artists and the public. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Sarah Grimm, education coordinator BRING Recycling 541 ...

Summer weather factsheet English
Canada's network of low-powered VHF-FM radio stations which transmit a continuous stream of weather reports. Access to Environment Canada's Watches and Warnings is also ... Obtaining Summer Weather Information Environment Canada provides summer weather information to the public through local radio and television stations, our Weatheradio network and our weather Web site. http://www.weatheroffice. ...

Winter weather factsheet
Skip to page content (Access Key: 1) | Skip to sidebar links (Access Key: 2) Français Contact Us Help Search Canada Site What's New Topics ... . Obtaining Winter Weather Information Environment Canada provides winter weather information to the public through local radio and television stations, our Weatheradio network and our weather Web site. http://www.weatheroffice.gc. ... More from this site

Democracy Now! | COA News
TV stations, including Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite TV stations (DISH network: Free Speech TV ch. 9415 ... Featured Affiliate Liberty News TV Liberty News TV is a half-hour long monthly television program, dedicated to unraveling the spin, lies and misguided policies of corporate-sponsored politicians ... Pattern Browser
Independent media — including newspapers, radio and television stations, and websites — provide additional communication channels for ... values that can only result from meaningful public debate. Promote the gathering places, non-governmental organizations ... Cities Human-Scale Neighborhoods Green Building Transit Access Ecological Infrastructure Urban Growth Boundaries Ecosystem Services ...

Untitled Document
Over 500 shows have aired on local origination, public access, governmental, school and university channels, as well as on satellite to PBS stations. Television ... recongnition at many film festivals. Nancy's public service announcements have won numerous Buccaneer Awards from Public Interest Radio and Television Educational Society. Recent all-on-location ...

Eco News
WITH HOST AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NANCY PEARLMAN The three-time EMMY-nominated ECONEWS television series covers all environmental issues. ECONEWS is produced by Educational Communications, a nonprofit ... charge for air. Currently over 100 cable outlets air the shows: local origination, public access, governmental stations, and educational channels in 25 states. Specials are distributed via the PBS ... More from this site

Media: Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Television
Directory of newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations, cable, Internet NewsDirectory - Newspapers, magazines, television stations, etc. NewsLink - Links to newspaper, magazine, ... Access? by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Livre: Portal to Free Access Journals on the Internet (Brazil Ministry of Science and Technology) Public Library of Science (PLoS) - Open access ...

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