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ECO-PROS Teacher Resources
Dept. of Agriculture/Forest Service) ... resources, real-time info, acid rain, earthquakes, weather, ... NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOUNDATION Chartered by Congress in 1990, The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental education. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION GUIDE Join National Geographic ...

ECO-PROS Renewable and Non-renewable Resources
Oxygen/Clean Air - When forests and plants (on land and in our ocean waters) are destroyed or die from acid rain and pollution, they can ... a renewable resource, like air." ("All the water that will ever be is, right now." - National Geographic 1993) "Renewable" resources become non-renewable due to mis-management by humans and pollution of ... More from this site - New Zealand's Native Forests - Links and Internet Resources
Fantastic Forest at National Geographic Here you’ll encounter a variety of habitats—places perfectly suited for particular plants and animals. These are important parts of the forest—and our ... Landsat are being used for three time periods in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Rain forest article at Rainforest information Centre Rainforests - Being Permanently Destroyed?at About ...

National Geographic on Africa
Pygmies and has snapped intimate, unself-conscious images of these rain forest hunter-gatherers. Enter the gallery >> Online • Map Machine: Search our ... the National Geographic Store • Africa Map: Journey to Africa with a beautifully detailed, oversized National Geographic map. Also available: atlases, globes, and more >> National Geographic Expeditions: Guided by National Geographic researchers ...

Forest Habitats, Conservation and Environment: National Geographic Geography Action
Forest Habitats, Conservation and Environment: National Geographic Geography Action • Habitats Home Habitats • Introduction • Cities and Suburbs • Deserts and Tundra • Forests ... and more. World Rainforest Information Portal Keep up on rain forest news around the globe with scores of links and news stories. Subscribe Online Your subscriptions help support National Geographic conservation efforts ... More from this site

Lorentz National Park - Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance
National Park - Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance Who We Are About IPCA Board Bios Contact Us Documents Donations Our Projects Where we work Asmat Macaques Biodiversity Surveys Forest ... News Articles Tribe Goes High-Tech to Fight for Rain Forest Home - National Geographic Islanders in Indonesia Fear Plunder of "Magic" Trees - National Geographic Videos Subtitles will be up shortly Requires Quicktime ...

Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest - info / maps / Hotels / Rainforest
Called a cloud forest rather than a rain forest: because of it's altitude, the clouds go through the forest. The canopy is extremely rich with ... - Lonely Planet Costa Rica Guidebook, also recommended by most guide books about Costa Rica, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Tico Times, Footprint Costa Rica ...

National Geographic magazine: April 1998 @
Venezuela’s longest river as it flows past rain forest burrows, cattle ranches, and natural caches of mineral wealth. The Orinoco is a river of ... plateau called the Ozarks. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC writer Lisa Moore LaRoe’s essay captures the character of an area where the population is growing at a rate nearly twice the national average. Photographs by ...

Rain Forest at Night--From National Geographic (Rain Forest)
National Geographic, October 2000. Davis, Wade. “Vanishing Cultures.” National Geographic, August 1999. Grupper, Jonathan. Destination: Rain Forest. National Geographic Books, 1997. Laman, Tim. “Borneo’s Strangler Fig Trees.” National Geographic, April 1997. Rinard, Judith E. “At Home in the Rain Forest.” National Geographic ... More from this site

National Wildlife Magazine -- National Wildlife Federation's award-winning, full-color nature magazine
Mend By Sharon Levy Rain forest trees growing anew on Central American farmland are helping scientists find ways for monkeys and agriculture to benefit one another © PAUL NICKLEN (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IMAGE COLLECTION) Face ... seeds donate now | send an ecard | email this page to a friend © 1996-2008 National Wildlife Federation | 11100 Wildlife Center Dr, Reston VA 20190 | 800-822-9919 Contact Us | ...

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