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Sundaya Products.
Sundaya brand. Sundaya products stocked at Rainbow Power Company. Sundaya Lighting Kits SLK-060 Rainbow Sundaya 60Wh/day Solar Lighting Kit. SLK-200 Rainbow Sundaya 200Wh/day Solar Lighting Kit. SLK-400 Rainbow Sundaya 400Wh/day Solar Lighting Kit. Sundaya ...

Rainbow Power Company.
Pre-registration is required by Friday 15th July 2008. See the Sundaya Product Range. Opening Hours 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday ... sizes, costs and rebates. * Grid Feed Solar Systems. * Stand-Alone Solar Systems. Rainbow Power Company Premises. We carry products from the most reputable manufacturers and ... NSW), 69170 (Qld) BCSE Accredited: F543, F697, F557, P1782, P1684 Copyright 2006 Rainbow ... More from this site

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