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Rainforest People
Photo Gallery Where am I? Home > Book types> Rainforest People Rainforest People Getting to Know Waiwai: Amazonian Ethnography Alan Campbell tells the story of the Wayapi people and Waiwai, their charismatic leader. He tells ... , Reimar Schefold Price: £28.00 › Buy from Amazon Rainforest People A good basic guide to the people of the rainforest. Author: Edward Parker Price: £6.99 › Buy from ...

Sustainable Rainforest Products
Who is benefitting from the profit? Is any of the profit returned to the indigenous people supplying rainforest products or raw materials? How much? Who receives the funds there? As a ... 2633 Gainesville, FL 32602 Website Offers Jungle Gum, tapped from Chicle trees in the rainforest by rainforest people called chicleros. Jungle Gum marks the return of a natural product that was overwhelmed by ...

Books About the Rainforest
Childrens Books › Consumer Information › General Rainforest Topics › Plant and Animal books › Rainforest People Donate › Support us Photogallery › Visit our photogallery Publications › Latest publications Join us › Register here Contact us | Useful links | Top of page | Back © Rainforest ...

Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Alliance SmartHouse and Treehouse We invite you to visit and learn about the people, places and processes behind the production of sustainable goods. More More News Rainforest ...

Rainforest Alliance: Learning Site
Rainforest Alliance Learning Site. Anecdotes Read what other people are saying about our curriculum! Adopt-A-Rainforest Looking to include a fundraiser in your rainforest unit? Adopt-A-Rainforest today and support the conservation projects featured in the Rainforest ... More from this site

Origins : Belize-London : People
Origins : Belize-London : People "Lots of people are interested in jaguar conservation, and 'camera trapping' is one way to get information on ... Kelly "I'm using remotely-triggered infrared cameras to photograph wildlife—particularly jaguars—in the rainforest of Belize. Because all spotted cats have unique coat patterns, individuals can be identified in ...

Origins : Belize-London : People
Origins : Belize-London : People "Lots of people are interested in jaguar conservation, and 'camera trapping' is one way to get information on ... species." —Marcella Kelly "I am moved by the beauty and the harshness of the rainforest and its creatures and hope my work leads to the protection of this ecosystem, primarily ... More from this site

Rainforest Logging Update
Hammonds Road is also designated to go for this Summer, another coupe people walked through last summer ready to be changed into a eucalypt farm. We have here ... hence habitat survival can cope in this current climate change. Rainforest links Victorian Rainforest Network Photos of rainforest scheduled to be logged Data about rainforest in East Gipplsand Dingo Creek Court Case (external link ...

Welcome to the Rainforest CRC Home Page
Rainforest CRC personnel. General information about the people and activities of the Rainforest CRC can be accessed via the four main themes listed above. The links below relate directly to popular activities and projects involving the Rainforest ...

Research - Rainforest CRC
Aboriginal people to protect cultural heritage and Aboriginal people having land management responsibilities to their country. There exists a direct interrelationship between the cultural sustainability of the rainforest ... More from this site

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