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Judi Bari: The darkest hour is just before the dawn.
At least a dozen Redwood Summer people were assaulted (not counting incidents at the demonstrations), and two were beaten into ... maintained our presence and non-violence throughout the summer. The Forest Forever voter initiative made a state-wide issue of redwood slaughter, but Redwood Summer made it national and international. Together we ...

EcoNews Shows
Chimpanzees 808 29:15 Songs For The Earth -- Environmental Music Videos 809 28:25 A Redwood Summer Demonstration & The California Conservation Corps 810 28:40 Wilderness Society's Efforts To Save Pacific ...

Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Manual - Timber Industry
Earth First! memo calling for violence "to f**k up the mega-machine" during the Redwood Summer Campaign was distributed to the media by PR firm Hill and Knowlton for their client ...

Judi Bari Resources
Judi Bari bombing case Judi Bari Home Page Produced and maintained by the Redwood Summer Justice Project, this is the main resource for Bari's own writings as well as ... Anti-Environmental Violence by David Helvarg - Introduction begins with a graphic account of the 1990 Redwood Summer mass rally in Fort Bragg, California Publications On The "Wise Use" Movement Government spying and ...

(6/11/2002) Bari vs. FBI Trial: Jury Awards $4.4 Million Damages to Bari and Cherney
Bari's car in Oakland, California. Bari and Cherney were on tour recruiting for Redwood Summer, their planned campaign of nonviolent protests against corporate logging of California's north coast forests ... More from this site

Mountain Justice - Join Us!
But volunteer with open eyes. Mountain Justice is modeled (loosely) on Mississippi and Redwood summers. In both campaigns the realities of ... conditions. Our effort is historical. The loss future generations will suffer is unthinkable. Redwood summer and Mississippi summer are in the history books. In the future history books will either report ...

Mountain Justice - Call to Action
Redwood Summer started with an emergency call to action to save the Redwood Forests. This is our emergency call to action to ... Mountain Range Removal! Food, housing, and camping have all been arranged. Welcome houses modeled on Redwood Summer have been established in Appalachian cities. Volunteers get routed through these houses for training ... More from this site

Past Trips - Summer 2003
Email your contributions to: COMPLETED SUMMER 2003 TRIPS 1. June 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Carrizo ... Summer Picnic (E) Roberts Recreation Area, Oakland The Summer Solstice is a traditional time for rejoicing and for our annual picnic. Join us at the Redwood Bowl in Redwood ... for a relatively easy two-day romp through cool redwood forests in San Mateo County. We'll hike along ...

July 16 (Sat) Desert Survivors Summer Picnic (E) Lakeview Picnic Area, Tilden Park, Berkeley This year ... DATES Toiyabe Crest Backpack (M/S) Arc Dome Wilderness, Nevada Escape from summer heat in Nevada's high country. We will follow a ... range, we'll first hike from Sam McDonald Park through ancient redwood forests to the Sierra Club hiker's hut for lunch. ... More from this site

Jill Redwood on East Gippsland.
Jill Redwood on East Gippsland. EAST GIPPSLAND by Jill Redwood Concerned Residents of East Gippsland Australia became separated from the super continent of Gondwana around ... afterwards. These fires are deliberately intense and would be comparable to the worst of last summer's NSW fires. Thus the complexities and richness of a living forest are transformed into ...

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