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Robert DeConto
Robert DeConto Robert M. DeConto (Ph.D.,University of Colorado, 1996) Associate Professor Climatology - Paleoclimatology - Earth System Modeling Chief Undergraduate Advisor: Earth Systems Program Robert ("Rob") DeConto ... , Palaeoecology. Bergengren, J. C., Thompson, S. L., Pollard, D., and DeConto, R. M., 2001, Modeling global climate-vegetation interactions in a ...

UMass Climate System Research Center - People
S. Bradley Manager: Frank Keimig UMass and 5-College Faculty Julie Brigham-Grette Steve Burns Robert DeConto Donna Francis Doug Hardy Mark Leckie William D. McCoy Steve Petsch Steve Roof (Hampshire College ... More from this site

Climate Change and Species / Ecosystems
Bergengren, Jon C., Starley L. Thompson, David Pollard, and Robert M. DeConto. 2001. "Modeling Global Climate-Vegetation Interactions in a Doubled CO2 World," Climatic Change, Vol ...

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