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get in touch with the hockerton housing project
Simon Tilley Helena Tilley Trudi White Nick White Pete Rajan Nick Martin Sandy Martin Bill Bolton & Louise Lipman Simon Tilley joined the project 1995 after a background in ... energy systems and setting up of aquaculture system. Simon is also one of the tour guides and speakers for the group. Helena Tilley is a Paediatric doctor working in local hospitals. Helena ...

talks from the hockerton housing project
Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme. This involved eight venues, including London, Manchester and Belfast. Simon Tilley, has given a variety of stimulating and lively talks on subjects related to the project ... community living and planning. More interactive day long workshops are planned in the near future. Simon is also an 'Open University' tutor for a renewable energy course and a trainer ... More from this site

The Coblist 2005 Archive by thread
Amanda Peck [Cob] regarding fireplaces David Knowlton [Cob] regarding fireplaces Amanda Peck [Cob] Cob List Simon Parfett [Cob] Off topic postings Shannon C. Dealy [Cob] fireplaces and humanure rainbow at ... Ants Layth [Cob] plaster strength... aaron allen [Cob] plaster strength... Amanda Peck [Cob] Coblist Nikki Tilley [Cob] dirt bags Nicolás Echániz [Cob] dirt bags Patrick Newberry [Cob] dirt ...

The Coblist 2005 Archive by subject
Vladimir Gorokhov [Cob] Cob in the UK?! davidsheen at [Cob] Cob List Simon Parfett [Cob] Cob list archives Shannon C. Dealy [Cob] Cob near Minnesota Sharon [Cob] Cob ... South Amanda Peck [Cob] Cobbing in Washigton, DC Raduazo at [Cob] Coblist Nikki Tilley [Cob] coblist at remove my name for awhile nancy [Cob] coblist at deatech ... More from this site

Orca Network - Sightings Archives - March 2007
Phinney Bay, near Bremerton. * Marti Tilley of Pender Island called at 11:53 am to report a pod of 11+ orcas ... :40 pm heading south. * Just received a report of J Pod southbound off Henry Island. Simon Pidcock, Ocean Ecoventures * We were with J pod off the west side of Henry Island ...

Orca Network - Sightings Archives - May 2008
Marti Tilley * J pod - Pender Island, between 7:30pm and 8:45pm, we observed members of J ... them up again in Sidney Channel between James Island and Sidney Island at 8:30pm. Simon @ Ocean Ecoventures * Two Transients went south in Sansum Narrows between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver ... More from this site

Rhino Ark - Humans in Harmony with Habitat and Wildlife - Rhino Charge 2007
Peter Bonde Nielsen Car 64 13 86.49 9 03 Simon Houghton Ubejane 13 94.85 10 09 John Bowden Car 9 13 95.87 11 ... 11 71.40 27 24 Jaspal Matharu Fat Rhinos 11 79.89 28 45 Phil Tilley Tilley/Bulloch 11 80.28 29 22 Mike Higgins Mike and Sarah Higgins 11 80.35 ...

Rhino Ark - Humans in Harmony with Habitat and Wildlife - Rhino Charge 2007
James Kelmanson 1.562 28 25 Michael Ogwapit Team Twenty Five 1.590 29 03 Simon Houghton Ubejane 1.594 30 09 John Bowden Car 9 1.610 31 13 Jonathan ... /Adam 1.640 35 10 Mbugua Ngugi Ngugi/Geceaga/Kirubi 1.641 36 45 Phil Tilley Tilley/Bulloch 1.727 37 18 Caroline Armstrong Team Kike 1.732 38 43 Steve Mwagiru ... More from this site

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