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Solar Stills
Solar Stills EPSEA Solar Still Cutaway A- Base is 2X4 and plywood/osb B- Insulate 4 sides and bottom w/polyisocianate C- Waterproof membrane - 1st coat silicone D- Fiberglass screen E- Imbed screen into silicone F- 2nd coat of silicone G- 3rd coat of silicone H- Side walls and trough(right) same steps w/white silicone and install fill/overflow and outlet tubing. /const Back to stills

Solar Water Distillation
Solar Water Distillation Solar Water Distillation - Stills Energy Efficiency Tips Sun Tempered Home Design Adobe Thermal Mass Straw Bale Solar Stills Solar Cooking Solar Food Drying Solar Hot Water Solar Pool Heating SEED - School Energy Project SEASUN Newsletter EPSEA Meetings Join EPSEA EPSEA Goods MAIL LINKS Solar ... More from this site

Developing Communities: Water Supply and Sanitation
Mhlathuze River - J Lin 1282/1/04 $20.00 2004 Performance Testing of Operational Basin Solar Stills - I Goldie, A Theunissen, J Bonthuys, V Cloete 1392/1/04 $15.00 2004 Understanding ...

Solar Distiller
Solar Distiller Solar Water Distiller The Solar Still Solar Stills operate on the same principles that produce rainfall. The sun is allowed into and trapped ... , and only the sun's energy is required for operation. The design of the our Solar Still began with many hours spent researching previous designs, successes and failures. Our goal for ...

Natural Building Colloquium
The major component of EPSEA's Water Purification Project is the construction and installation of more than 40 solar stills. The stills are given to families ... contain their drinking water. Today, that water is the supply water for their solar still. The Solar Still Solar stills operate on the same principles that produce rainfall. The sun is allowed into ...

Ambassadors of the Environment - OFS Programs
All ... having state-of-the-art technologies such as composting toilets, waterless urinals, solar stills, modular solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems. Infused into the weeklong process are opportunities ...

..:: desalination 154
S.K. Shukla and I.P. Singh (New Delhi, India)Computer modeling of passive/active solar stills by using inner glass temperature154(2003)171-185 Ola Wallberg, Ann-Sofi Jonsson, Roland Wimmerstedt ...

Electrical & Solar
Tile & Flooring Other Building & Hardware Electrical & Solar Alternative, Solar Energy Circuit Breakers, Fuse Boxes ... Stills $21.75 Tinkerbell outlet cover kids room decor Disney Fairy $3.00 ~~NEW HYDROGEN GAS CAR GENERATOR~HOW TO BUILD GUIDES~~ $9.99 NEW~SOLAR ... Stills $21.75 NEW Belkin 10 ft AC Extension Cord F3A102-10 $7.24 Set of 3 Powtech 6 Outlet Wall Taps UL Listed $6.99 45 watt (15W x 3) Solar ...

Electrical & Solar - Alternative, Solar Energy
SOLAR HOT WATER HEATER PLANS~FREE HEAT & HOT WATER~ $4.99 3 Sets Of Plans - Ethanol Reflux Stills ... Solar Panel Power Lighting System $179.99 PWM DC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL HHO hydrogen generator $60.00 2- wind generator hubs $45.00 3 Sets Of Plans - Ethanol Reflux Stills ... More from this site

EcoSpeakers Books - Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Efficiency
Books By Author/Speaker Energy Sources & Uses Books cover renewable energy sources including solar electric, solar thermal, wind, ethanol, biodiesel, and others. They cover saving energy through efficiency, ... expert and novice alike. Offers countless hands-on technical solutions ranging from home stills to for-profit manufacturing strategies. More… | David Blume EcoSpeakers Info >> Beat High Gas ...

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