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Ocean Alliance - WHALE CONSERVATION INSTITUTE - Right Whale Program
Right whales occupy a large portion of the world's oceans. If right whales are protected, the animals that share their habitat will also be protected. The population of southern right whales that we study off Argentina is threatened by habitat destruction. We work to improve our understanding of right whales and their needs and to incorporate our findings in right ...

Ocean Alliance - RESEARCH - Right Whale
Aspects of social structure are also not fully understood. Institute researchers have revealed that female right whales produce calves less frequently than other baleen whales ... More from this site

Whales - Introduction
For a long time whales were incorrectly thought to be fish, but they breathe air like us. Identification Recognising a Southern Right Whale. Southern Right Whales have features that distinguish them not only from other whales but from each other. Tell us what you think about our Southern Right Whales site - ...

Whales - Watching
Southern Right Whales. The whales are usually present from late May to early October and can be viewed from the spectacular cliffs. Victor Harbor is also a favoured spot for the whales ... Southern Right Whales are protected. You can help the recovery of these endangered species by following this code and reporting any infringements to National Parks and Wildlife SA The Whale Trail The Southern Right ... More from this site

Baja Jones Adventure Travel Southern Right Whales in Patagonia Date: September 22nd to October 1st, 2004. This trip webpage is still under construction. Be sure to email or call for all details. Contact Keith Jones of Baja Jones Adventures at 562-889-4016 or by email click here. Location: Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina. Click here to email us for more information.

Nature group says humpback whales recovering, but other large sea animals suffering - Los Angeles Times
The right whale gets its name from whalers who deemed it a particularly good species to hunt, because it floats after being killed. "Humpbacks and southern right whales ...

Migration of the Southern Humpback Whales
RIGHT: Euphausia superba is the primary species of Krill eaten by southern humpbacks in Antarctic waters. (Image source: Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises, Weldon 1988) | Previous Page | Index | Next Page | | Homepage | SoundNet | Expedition | Youth | Whales ...

Migration of the Southern Humpback Whales
Southern Humpback Whales The Never Ending Journey | Previous Page | Index | Next Page | 6 An Orderly Procession The migratory journey of the humpback whales is in some respects a continuing reproduction ... in expectation of giving birth in the following season; often crossing each others path midway. RIGHT: The terrain travelled by the humpbacks on their long journey from Antartica to the ... More from this site

Endangered whales
The whale species that spend most of their lives in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica-for example, the right whales-are currently demonstrating what effects small increases in the ocean's ... them [the North Pacific right whale] a chance to survive," Dr. Hildebrand concluded. According to their endangered species profile, the future of the North Pacific right whales is a bleak one, ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Right Whales | Introduction
Monitoring | Field Notes | Reports Right Whale Introduction North Atlantic right whales, Eubalaena glacialis, are among the rarest of the baleen whale species. Distinct populations of right whales were scattered across ... right whales take advantage of the cool waters of Cape Cod Bay and the Great South Channel to feed on zooplankton. The whales continue to move northward as they feed off of Southern ...

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