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Maple Syrup Page - Rideau Canal Waterway
Today's producers use tips and ... the local maple syrup festivals. Drop in at any of the local sugar shacks, watch syrup being made, taste it, bring some home with you. Make ... you are going from sap with about 2.5% sugar to syrup which has 66.5% sugar. To figure out how much boiling you have to ...

Rideau Canal Waterway - Driving Tours
The sap starts to run in mid-March and little sugar shacks all over the Rideau work at making the sap into delicious maple syrup. These places ... More from this site

Why Buying Organic & Ethical Consumerism is Not Enough to Solve the Global Food Crisis
It's an industrial capitalist beverage. But the way in which we ... movements around the world. It's not just about food, but people who live in shacks, are homeless, etc., who are radical, democratic and angry, and who offer a great deal ...

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