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Phenomena responsible for disturbances
"Where their is homology [sequence compatibility] between trangenes and resident genes there is likely to be some interaction." Homology may result in "no native or transgene expression." ź Where multi-construct transgenic plants ... associated with transgenic plants. This will be the challenge of the future...." ź "Recent research in our laboratory with Brassica napus plants containing the ...

This is further exacerbated through the use of tissue culture and embryo rescue etc. which can be used to "rescue" metabolically altered transgenic plants that might ... gene encoding the Bacillus thuringiensis toxin have been planted widely in the US. This transgenic technique promises to reduce the use of pesticides and reduce growers' costs. While reduction ...

Environment News Service News Index November 2007
Planet Connecticut Yankee Nuke Site Open for Public Use Kansas David vs Oil Goliath Transgenic Plants Patented for Warming World Survey Finds Likely Voters Thinking Green Kansas City Businesses ... Catastrophe Overwhelms the Strait of Kerch Court Throws Out Bush Fuel Economy Standards Nuclear Plants Subject to Terrorism, Earthquakes, States Warn Florida Seeks Input on Northern Everglades Restoration ...

Environment News Service News Index January 2004
Stop Selling Ozone Depleting Refrigerants AmeriScan: January 23, 2004 USDA Orders Environmental Evaluation of Transgenic Plants, Animals Fish Conservation Overridden in Final Omnibus Spending Bill White House Opens More of Alaska ... More from this site

Genetic Engineering - Gene Therapy
DNA. Regrettably, this has now become reality Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th October 2002 Scrambled genomes in human gene therapy and transgenic plants Human gene therapy is usually ...

Pharming Cytokines in Transgenic Crops
Science in Society or the Inst. of Science in Society. Pharming Cytokines in Transgenic Crops Crop plants are being used to produce a range of vaccines and drugs including powerful molecules ... considerably. Chicken interferon has been produced using baculovirus vector in cultured insect cells and in transgenic plants both as a source of the cytokine and as a means of controlling plant disease ... More from this site

Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
Pollen from transgenic plants can cross-pollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives. All crops, organic ... also produce unforeseen and unknown allergens in foods. (Nordlee 1996) Decreased Nutritional Value—Transgenic foods may mislead consumers with counterfeit freshness. A luscious-looking, bright red ...

edible transgenic plant vaccines
Canada. There was little or no public input and awareness of the project and homeowners have not been made aware of activity impacting on their immediate environment. Using transgenic plants ... produced in transgenic corn was claimed to be effective and ready for commercial release by 2003 . Most transgenic plants have been produced using fertile plants and ...

transgenic crops with hypermutation genes
By introducing these genes into cells and transgenic plants ... More from this site

The Cauliflower Mosaic Virus promoter - a hazard in GE plants
The designers of the experiment questioned the safety of transgenic plants containing viral genes. Recombination between CaMV viruses involves the promoter and may take ... frequently creates more severe infections than either parent. Recently related experiments suggest altered plants may breed deadlier diseases. DNA copies of RNA Viruses are frequently propagated using ...

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