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Recycling Dragons and Littering Knights MAIL ORDER CATALOG 100s of Discount Vegetarian Cookbooks, Alternative Health, & Ecological Titles NAMSE BANGDZO BOOKSTORE Pantheon of Historical and ... Energy Books, Some Books in Stock, Some from THE VEGETARIAN SITE Discount Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbooks, Health, Animal Rights, and Environmental Books TIRECRAFTING Over 50 Projects: Easily ...

Videos - Environmental, Yoga, Animal Rights, Social Justice, Nature
ARTIST Video and Computer Technology that Create Poetic, Intellectual, and Politically Charged Art Videos THE VEGETARIAN SITE Vegetarian, Vegan, Animal Rights, and Environmental Videos FOR MORE GREAT ECO VIDEO CLICK HERE! Free Heat ... More from this site

Breaking the Chains Buying Guide - A Directory of Green and Organic Businesses
Environmental Organizations Food Safety - Organic Farming Organizations Humane Society - Pet Adoption Organizations Vegetarian - Vegan - Raw Food Organizations FOOD Buying Clubs – CSAs Food Coops & ... Organic Wine and Beverages Vegan Businesses Vegan Products Vegetarianism - Veganism Books EVENT LISTINGS Animal Welfare Events Environmental Events Organic Events Vegetarian - Vegan - Raw Food Events ...

Compassion Over Killing > The Abolitionist #15: Feeding the Mind and Body: Vegetarian Outreach in Libraries and Restaurants
How did we fare? As of September 2003: More than 125 D.C.-area establishments now have our "Proud to Serve Vegetarian & Vegan Meals" decals in their front windows. More than 40 restaurants stock our Vegetarian Eating brochures and ads for COK’s Vegetarian Starter Guide. More than 40 ...

International Vegetarian Union
International Vegetarian Union Promoting Vegetarianism Worldwide Since 1908 About IVU Contact IVU Membership News History Search IVU ... - online & real shops Travel - agencies & local websites Vegetarian & Vegan organisations & websites All Categories Add yourself or your group/business to this database for free Vegan Recipes Around the World Famous Vegetarians Frequently Asked ...

Vegetarian Frequently Asked Questions - the IVU FAQ
What vegetarian fast foods are available for teenagers? Nutrition 1 - Protein Should I be worried about getting enough protein on a vegetarian/vegan diet? Do I need to combine proteins on a vegetarian/vegan diet ... a diabetic to become vegetarian/vegan? Is there a non animal form of glucose lowering agents for diabetics? How can I 'bulk up' and develop muscles on a vegetarian/vegan diet, instead of ... More from this site

Vegan Starter Kit | Mercy For Animals
Vegan Starter Kit | Mercy For Animals Get MFA's e-newsletter Other MFA Sites Order you Free Vegetarian Starter Kit To order your free vegetarian starter kit, complete the form below. If you live outside of the ...

Eco Tips: Your Food - Local, Organic, Vegan
Vegetarian/Vegan Diet: Consider becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian (no meat but some eggs and dairy products) or vegan (no animal products). Informational sites: Why Vegan Warrior for a Healthy Planet Vegan ...

IDA Vegan Campaign
Mills Unwanted Animals Veganism Vivisection Wildlife Recipes Take Action Outreach Vegan Resources Frequently Asked Questions WORLD GO VEGAN DAYS Why Go Vegan? The Cruelty on Your Plate A Teen's Viewpoint ... of heart disease, cancer, and stroke can be dramatically reduced by a non-dairy vegetarian diet. Vegans also virtually eliminate the possibility of contracting e. coli, salmonella and spongiform ...

IDA Vegan Campaign
Whether you decide to become a vegetarian or vegan, remember that for most people its a gradual process rarely does anyone ... to go vegetarian or vegan, but perhaps this, the philosophical reason, is the most compelling. Some of the greatest thinkers in history, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, embraced the vegetarian ... More from this site

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