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Raccoons - Names and Namesakes
Dakota Sioux: wee-kah, (wee-chah, wee-kahsah, wici, wicha) one with magic; wee-kah tegalega, magic one with painted face (or wici) Omaha, Osage, Otoe: mee-kah, (mee-chah, mee-kahsa) same meaning as wee-chah and variants one with magic Sioux: macca-n-e, one who makes real magic Yankton Sioux: wayatcha, (same root word as wee-kah ...

CRITFC | Treaty with the Nez Perce
L. S.] U-ute-sin-male-cun, his x mark. [L. S.] Wee-as-cus, his x mark. [L. S.] Spotted Eage, his x mark. ... -to-kow, his x mark. [L. S.] Pee-poome-kah, his x mark. [L. S.] Pee-wee-au-ap-tah, his x mark. [L. S ... S.] Pee-oo-pee-u-il-pilp, his x mark. [L. S.] Wee-ah-ki, his x mark. [L. S.] Wah-tass-tum-mannee, ... S.] Suck-on-tie, his x mark. [L. S.] Lu-ee sin-kah-koose-sin, his x mark. [L. S.] Ip-nat-tam-moose, ...