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Brian J Ford on leaf fall in Chicago
... abscission is frequently observed in species where no abscission layer is present; b) abscission need not occur even when an abscission layer has become developed; c) leaves which ordinarily fall when an abscission layer ...

Brian J Ford on leaf fall in Nature
However, the shedding of leaves depends on other determinants: thus, abscission may occur in plants where an abscission layer has not formed, and leaf fall may not lake place in species where an abscission layer is present2. ‘Senescence’ is ... More from this site

AMC: Mountain Watch - Tree Budding and Fall Foliage
The plant diverts energy to making winter buds. An abscission layer forms at the base of the leaf or petiole. Sun-trapping green chlorophyll is no ... in color. The proteins and sugars are transported to the roots of the plant. The abscission layer deteriorates and the leaf falls from the twig. Plants preparing for winter Freezing temperatures are ...