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European birds

house sparrowOf Europe's 526 bird species, 226 (43%) have unfavourable conservation status. In 2002, 41 percent of all European waterbirds where found decreasing. Mostly due to economic development and climate change. Nowadays, the population of waterbirds is stabilizing in Europe. 

Economic development is often the cause of destruction from the habitat of the birds. Another reason is the pollution what causes birds to die. The birds in Europe also are threatened by people who hunt them.


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Habitat loss and degradation are threats African birds have to deal with.
Air pollution and human activities are the threats birds have to deal with in America.
The majority of Asian birds lives in forrests. These forrests are threatened by conversion to other land-uses and overexploitation. Therefor the birds are threatened by the same dangers.
Carrabean birds are threatened by erosion of pristine habitats and illegal trade of the birds.
On the pacific, habitat destruction and 'invasive alien species' are the larges threats.
Two threats to seabirds are longline fishing and oil spills.