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American airborne animal species

birdBirds occupy every available niche; thus, of the world's approximately 10,000 species of birds, around 4,500 are found in the Americas with many discovered each year. While the majority of species are found in the tropics, the enormous diversity of birds in the Americas includes species adapted to the driest deserts, highest sierras and even the cold regimes of Patagonia.

Though American birds adapt to these different circumstances, threats are definitely reality. American birds are threatened by air pollution and human activities such as traveling and hunting.

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Habitat loss and degradation are threats African birds have to deal with.
The majority of Asian birds lives in forrests. These forrests are threatened by conversion to other land-uses and overexploitation. Therefor the birds are threatened by the same dangers.
Carrabean birds are threatened by erosion of pristine habitats and illegal trade of the birds.
Hunting and economic development are the majority of the causes that lead to death of birds in Europe.
On the pacific, habitat destruction and 'invasive alien species' are the larges threats.
Two threats to seabirds are longline fishing and oil spills.