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Birds in the pacific

The Pacific has more threatened bird species per unit of land area, or per person, than any other region in the world. Pacific birds evolved on tiny oceanic islands, while in isolation from predators and competitors. They have been a subject to extermination by a range of introduced species. Although these threats are now better known and solutions are available, bird species are still threatened with extinction in the Pacific.

The Pacific Islands region is spreading over more than 38 million square kilometres of ocean. This is an area three times larger than mainland China or the United States. Within this vast zone are fourteen independent or self-governing islands countries and eight territories.

The Pacific region is home to around a quarter of the world's globally threatened bird species. The main threats to the region’s biodiversity are habitat destruction and 'invasive alien species'.

endangered birdMuch of the Pacific region’s biodiversity is threatened with extinction. The region is home to 289 species of globally threatened birds. This is 24% of the world’s total. 37 (14%) of these are Critically Endangered, which gives the region the dubious distinction of recording the most extinctions of any region of the world.

Birds in particular, have evolved on islands in the absence of alien species and have few defences against them. But the habitat destruction is a chronic and increasing threat.


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