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African birds

Africa is the world's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia. The continent holds almost 1400 endemic bird species.  About 10% of the continent’s bird species are threatened. 
African eagleEscalating human activities (e.g. agricultural expansion and intensification, logging, unsustainable exploitation, urban expansion and habitat alteration, industrialization and resultant pollution), pose major threats to biodiversity. Pressure from human activities is considered as one of the factors that have contributed to the high rate of habitat loss and degradation, and high number of threatened species within the region.

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Air pollution and human activities are the threats birds have to deal with in America.
The majority of Asian birds lives in forrests. These forrests are threatened by conversion to other land-uses and overexploitation. Therefor the birds are threatened by the same dangers.
Carrabean birds are threatened by erosion of pristine habitats and illegal trade of the birds.
Hunting and economic development are the majority of the causes that lead to death of birds in Europe.
On the pacific, habitat destruction and 'invasive alien species' are the larges threats.
Two threats to seabirds are longline fishing and oil spills.