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Pollution means any contamination of air, soil, water and environment. Even loud noise and sound are part of pollution. Pollution can be categorized into land, water and air pollution. Harmful gases and tiny particles (like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide) are polluting the air. The smoke released from burning fuel from factories and cars, are the major sources of air pollution. Air pollution is one of the major causes of that funny cough, asthma and burning eyes that you develop.
Ozone holeIn addition to this, our water gets polluted because of the dirty water from our house, that drains through the pipes into the rivers and oceans dirtying the water. At last, plastic and dirt causes land pollution. We need to prevent all kinds of pollution to protect the environment. Besides ourselves, many animal species are the victims of pollutions.

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Garbage is trown on street every day. We don't always recycle or re-use our stuff. Also because of this, land is polluted every day.
Water quality is declining because of water pollution.
Air pollution is caused by cars and factories as well.

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WV Senate passes tank safety roll back, preps for water, drilling bills. - State senators gave final approval to a bill that again rolls back West Virginia’s landmark chemical tank safety law, and they prepared for action on separate legislation that could weaken the state’s water pollution protections.
Doctor: To fight asthma, fight global warming. - A pediatrician warns that climate change is worsening allergies and air pollution, raising the risks for kids with asthma.

Which do you consider the biggest pollution problem?
Land pollution
Air pollution
All kinds of pollution
Water pollution