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A large number of gray whales are starving and dying in the eastern North Pacific - It is now the third year that gray whales have been found in very poor condition or dead in large numbers along the west coast of Mexico, USA and Canada, and scientist have raised their concerns. An international study suggests that starvation is contributing to these mortalities.
A bucket of water can reveal climate change impacts on marine life in the Arctic - We know very little about marine life in the Arctic. Now researchers are trying to change that. They have shown that a simple water sample makes it possible to monitor the presence, migration patterns and genetic diversity of bowhead whales in an otherwise hard-to-reach area. The method can be used to understand how climate changes and human activities impact life in the oceans.
Hormone metabolites found in feces give researchers new insight into whale stress - Fecal samples are an effective, non-invasive tool for monitoring gray whale reproduction, stress and other physiological responses.
New population of blue whales discovered in the western Indian ocean - An international team of researchers has discovered what it believes to be a new population of blue whales in the western Indian Ocean.
Humpback whale songs provide insight to population changes - Following reports of unusually low whale numbers that began in 2015-16, researchers examined song chorusing recorded at six sites off Maui.