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Researchers should reach beyond the science bubble - Scientists in the United States and elsewhere ought to address the needs and employment prospects of taxpayers who have seen little benefit from scientific advances.
Gene editing in legal limbo in Europe - The European Union is dragging its feet on gene-editing rules and scientists should push the issue.
Pluto could be staging a comeback — and it’s not alone - A proposal to massively expand the number of bodies called planets raises interesting questions.
Energy scientists must show their workings - Public trust demands greater openness from those whose research is used to set policy, argues Stefan Pfenninger.

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A Good Westminster Show Dog? It’ll Cost a Lot More Than Some Kibble - When it comes to the time and expense associated with raising a show dog, let alone a Westminster award winner, the sky’s the limit.
The Ultimate Pursuit in Hunting: Sheep - Permits to hunt bighorn sheep are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars — and that money has helped revive wild sheep populations and expand their territory.
‘Planet Earth II’: A Lizard’s Great Escape - An iguana and lots of snakes go “beast mode” and reveal a lot about how today’s nature films are made.

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