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Skin deep: Aquatic skin adaptations of whales and hippos evolved independently - A new study shows that the similarly smooth, nearly hairless skin of whales and hippopotamuses evolved independently. The work suggests that their last common ancestor was likely a land-dwelling mammal, uprooting current thinking that the skin came fine-tuned for life in the water from a shared amphibious ancestor.
Genetic sleuthing reveals endangered river dolphins in Asia as different species - New genetic analysis and years of painstaking research has revealed that one of the world's most endangered marine mammals is actually two species rather than one, as scientists had long assumed.
Gray's beaked whales 'resilient' to ecosystem changes - An elusive whale species in the Southern Ocean could be resilient to near-future ecosystem changes, according to a new study.
Ocean's mammals at crucial crossroads - The ocean's mammals are at a crucial crossroads - with some at risk of extinction and others showing signs of recovery, researchers say.
How do humpback whales rest? - An international research collaboration has used an omnidirectional camera attached to humpback whale to reveal how these creatures rest underwater. These findings demonstrate how wide-angle lens cameras can be useful tools for illuminating the ecology of difficult-to-observe animals in detail.