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Baleens read like a whale's history book - Chemically analyzing sequential samples from the baleen of dead whales makes it possible to read not only the history of the diet, but also the migration route of the animals. In a new study, researchers present their results of a novel way of analyzing nitrogen isotopes in animal tissue.
Forty percent of North Atlantic right whale population using Gulf of Saint Lawrence as seasonal habitat - A new study confirms that the Gulf of St. Lawrence is an important habitat for a large proportion of the endangered North Atlantic right whale population.
Whales are more important ecosystems engineers than previously thought - Research on whale feeding highlights how the precipitous decline of large marine mammals has negatively impacted the health and productivity of ocean ecosystems.
Reducing vessel activity key to southern resident killer whale survival - Reducing ship speed and noise levels would increase the probability that endangered West Coast southern resident killer whales will spend more time hunting for Chinook salmon, a new study has found.
Ancestors of whale sharks in Panama may come from distant waters - Genetic population connectivity study of the endangered whale shark in Pacific Panama provides important baseline data for conservation efforts.