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Why This Rare Lobster Is Colored Like Blue Cotton Candy - The critter’s pastel rainbow hues may be the result of a genetic mutation or an unusual diet.
Why Great White Sharks Hang Out in Warm Whirlpools - New research on famous white sharks Mary Lee and Lydia shows the giant fish spend a surprising amount of time in warm oceanic eddies.
Would a U.S. Space Force Be Legal? Get the Facts. - With the president calling for a new military branch, get the pros and cons of the plan and find out what the U.S. military is already doing off-world.
Leopard Plays With Prey’s Own Bones - Rare video shows big cat tearing open its warthog victim and perusing its innards with its jawbone.
What Is Hogweed, the Invading Plant That Burns and Blinds? - The striking plant was brought to North America to decorate gardens and arboretums, but now officials are working to wipe it out.

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National Geographic News

World's Oldest Rain Forest Frogs Found in Amber - “It was exhilarating to hold these small fossils up to the light to reveal the frogs within.”
These Fish Keep Forests Alive—And Fishing Threatens Them - Scientists have found that many South American forests rely on large fish to transport their seeds—and that may put them at risk.
For Cash and Pride, Replanting Canada's Forests by the Millions - Each year, twentysomethings from all over the world take on one of the most grueling yet satisfying summer jobs imaginable.

News about elephants

National Geographic News

Can Bees Help Save Elephants From Train Strikes? - In India, where elephants are hit by trains, people are trying innovative solutions.
This Baby Elephant Might Be Feeling 'Awkward' - This seemingly strange behavior may be the baby elephant’s version of feeling ‘awkward’.