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What is Acid Rain and What Causes It?
(NOx) - the pollutants that cause acid deposition and fine particles - on human health. To solve the acid rain problem, people need to understand how acid rain causes damage to the environment. They also need to understand what changes could be made to the air pollution sources that cause the problem ...

WAC | News: Acid Rain in NYC
But there is one problem Larison says urbanites to the south should take note of: acid rain, and its potential threat to New York City's drinking-water supply. "Acid deposition isn't good ... ." Given the forecast, Lawrence, Lapenis and Larison are working to find a solution to the acid rain problem, before forest health and water quality decline beyond repair. The USGS is studying plots of ...

Acid Rain Biomonitoring – Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region
Canada whose focus is acid-sensitive aquatic ecosystems important to wildlife and other natural resources. What is Acid Rain? The Acid Rain Problem in Canada — History and Current Status The Concept of "Critical Loads" Surface Water Acidity: Are Present Control Measures Enough? Lake pH and Biodiversity Acid Rain ...

The Green Lane: Acid rain - Resources - Publications
Eastern Canada Acid Rain Control Program to cap sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions. The Eastern Canada Acid Rain Control Program was initiated in 1985 and subsequently ... the fight against acid rain as the "nitrogen era," as distinct from the "sulphur era" of the 1970s and 1980s. In short, the acid rain problem has not been solved. The Eastern Canada Acid Rain Program ...

The Green Lane: Acid rain - What's New
Despite widespread misconceptions that the acid rain issue is solved, new research indicates that the problem is persistent. Between 21 and 75 percent of eastern Canada, continues to receive levels of acid ... More from this site

Acid rain
Acid rain Explore Play and learn | Network | Surf Go back Acid rain Another effect of air pollution is acid rain. The phenomenon occurs when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the burning ... problem of acid rain. The international scope of the problem has led to the signing of international agreements on the limitation of sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions. For more information on Acid rain ...

Doing Our Bit For Acid Rain
Acid Rain Introduction Acid Deposition Acidic Emissions Buildings Cars Chimneys Critical Loads Doing Our Bit Europe Fossil Fuels Freshwater Impacts of Acid Rain International Agreements Industrial Emission Controls Industry & Power Liming Measuring Acid Rain Modelling Acid Rain Monitoring Acid Rain ... mobile source, and is therefore a larger problem than other pollution sources. As an alternative to ...

International Agreements on Acid Rain
Acid deposition has become an international problem. This problem ... More from this site

Acid Rain | US EPA
Acid Rain Quick Finder Acid Rain Program Office of Atmospheric Programs Clean Air Markets Science Experiments pH Cap and Trade Acid Rain Students Site Acid Rain Kids Site Data and Maps Acid rain is a serious environmental problem that affects large parts of the United States and Canada. Acid rain ...

Program Results | Acid Rain Program | Programs and Regulations | Business | Clean Air Markets | Air & Radiation Home | US EPA
Acid Rain Program, as well as preliminary summary emissions reports. Progress and Compliance Reports These annual reports describe the progress made by the Acid Rain Program to address this environmental problem. They provide both basic information about the nature of acid deposition and detailed descriptions of ... More from this site

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