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Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | The oldest faults are rendered in bold black lines; active faults -- like the San Andreas and the San Jacinto -- slash aross the state ...

An update on what's happening in King County government- King County
Rollover Contest at the 144th King County Fair in Enumclaw, or take an active role in King County's battle against invasive weeds along Issaquah Creek or Cedar ... of active faults found in Brightwater seismic investigation Brightwater neighbors can have added confidence in the treatment plant's design standards after a seismic investigation showed no evidence of active earthquake faults ... - Nature in New Zealand - Tectonics and earthquakes
Pacific and Australian tectonic plates. Earthquakes and tectonic activity result from movements of the earth's crust along active faults. Some of New Zealand's currently active faults, such as the Alpine Fault, are among the world's major geological features. Along these faults earthquakes occur ... - National Parks of New Zealand - Mt Aspiring National Park
See also the Rocks in the New Zealand mountains New Zealand tectonics/Active faults Because of its large size Mt Aspiring National Park encompasses the upper reaches of several ... More from this site

The transverse mountains
Pacific Plate slowly rotated counterclockwise. This rotation not only created the numerous faults and earthquakes for which the area is famous, but it also created the transverse ranges ... years. The transverse mountains lie on the "big bend" of the San Andreas fault. The active faults of the Los Angeles basin lie beneath the thick layer of alluvium that has built ...

Natural Investigate: Earthquakes
Alaska are all prone to earthquakes. Baja California and western Mexico also have many earthquakes. Active faults are also found in the center of the continent, far from plate boundaries. The New ...

Voyage to the Aleutian Islands: Understanding Alaska’s Deep Sea Frontiers
Pacific Ring of Fire, with approximately twenty-four active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes, caused by the collision of two ... seamounts are being cut by deep, active faults as the plate bends downward into the trench. These faults may act as pathways for water ... southwest of Adak Island. Adak Canyon is a steep-walled, tectonically active rift that appears to form a window into the inner ...

As the water is pumped underground under high pressure
For example, in Colorado, injections of only 0 ...

EarthScope: A National Earth Science Program
[PPT 67.7MB] SAFOD Sample Request Form [DOC 172KB] Featured Science Airborne LiDAR Imagery of Active Faults for GeoEarthScope USArray peaks at Earth's mantle beneath South America PBO measures accelerated Yellowstone ... - Active Tectonic Faults of New Zealand
Active Tectonic Faults of New Zealand Earthquakes & Tectonics in New Zealand: Active tectonic areas Earthquake history Tectonic landforms The causes of earthquakes Selected bibliography Internet resources Main ... J.J. Aitken 1996: Plate Tectonics for Curious Kiwis. IGNS. Field Guide to New Zealand Active Tectonics. 1994. Royal Society of New Zealand Misc. Series 27. Geoffrey J. Cox and Bruce ...

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