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Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Aluminum: GHG Inventory Protocols
Sector Initiatives: Aluminum: GHG Inventory Protocols Home: Private Sector Initiatives: Aluminum: GHG Inventory Protocols ALUMINUM Letters of Intent/ ... Aluminum Institute's Aluminum Sector Greenhouse Gas Protocol (PDF 161 KB) Download Acrobat Reader The International Aluminum Institute (IAI) Aluminum Sector Addendum to the WBCSD/WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol enhances and expands for the aluminum sector ...

Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Aluminum: Results
Aluminum Sector Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol. | Security and Privacy Notices [Presidential Statements | Program Mission | How to Participate | Private Sector ... More from this site

February 16, 2005: China Replacing the United States as World's Leading Consumer (printable)
China also leads in the use of other metals, such as aluminum and copper. Not only has China overtaken the United States ... Nowhere is the explosive growth more visible than in the electronics sector. In 1996 China had 7 million cell phones and the ... China is now importing vast quantities of grain, soybeans, iron ore, aluminum, copper, platinum, potash, oil and natural gas, forest products for lumber ...

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
Botswana's construction and textile industries had to retrench workers ... a severe shortage of water. Similar problems hit Bulawayo, the heart of Zimbabwe's industrial sector; companies were almost forced to pull out and relocate elsewhere because of a lack of ...

The Regional Impacts of Climate Change
The most serious impacts of climate change on this sector would be related to loss of competitiveness associated with increased costs of production ... hydropower, also will affect industry-particularly the steel sector (including iron and steel), ferro-chrome production, cement production, textiles, and aluminum production. These industries are among some of ... More from this site

Books from the Earth Policy Institute
Food appears to be the economic sector most vulnerable to setbacks, largely because the impressive production gains of recent decades were partly ... world to close hundreds of coal-fired power plants. Replacing nonrefillable beverage containers, such as aluminum cans, with refillable bottles can cut energy use by up to 90 percent. If all ...

Resource Center Oakland Land Conservancy People and Land PIRGIM Michigan PIRG Public Sector Consultants Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Michigan Chapter Rain Gardens of West ... Management Association West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) General Industry Trade Associations The Aluminum Association Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers Air & Waste Management Association Air & ...

The outer case of the cooker is made of aluminum or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) which is a light and tough material ... cooker can be used both in the rural and urban sector. In the rural sector it saves village woman from having to trudge for miles ... and spending her lifetime in smoke-filled kitchens. In the urban sector it saves energy on kerosene and LPG and makes cooking easy. ...

Sector-Specific Guidance | Climate Leaders | US EPA
Climate Leaders Technical Resources Sector-Specific Guidance Sector-Specific Guidance Technical Resources Inventory Guidance Design Principles Guidance Cross-Sector Guidance Sector-Specific Guidance Optional Modules Guidance ... Climate Leaders reviews of several sector-specific protocols and guidance on how to use them in conjunction with Climate Leaders guidance: Aluminum Production (PDF) (4 pp ...

EPA - Sector Facility Indexing Project
Sector Facility Indexing Project focused on compiling information on facilities within five industry categories (automobile assembly, pulp manufacturing, petroleum refining, iron and steel production, and the primary smelting and refining of aluminum ... More from this site

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