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The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc., The Rare Breed Formerly Known As Randall Lineback Cattle.
Are Randall Cattle "Linebacks"? Randalls are characterized by a colorsided lineback pattern, but are a discreet breed not related to American Lineback cattle or other linebacked cattle breeds. When ... referred to as "Randall Lineback", and sometimes, "Randall Blue Lineback" or "Randall Blue". This unfortunately led to confusion between the Randalls and American Lineback cattle, who share a ...

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American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry The Registry and Association for the American Lineback cattle breed. Lineback Dairy Cattle A MSN Group for Lineback Cattle. Lineback Cattle ... More from this site

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Angus breeder and also specializes in limited edition show cattle prints, sent this picture: Show heifers at the American Royal Stock Show in Kansas City, MO 2003 Dave sent these ... by CowGurl: Merry MooMoo (which is good for any time of year) Kim and her American Lineback, Sunny Brooke How to contact us to send us your cow pictures. This is Page ...

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FOR SALE - Grass-fed Highland Cattle - 7 cows (ranging in age from 3 to 10 yrs), 2 ... FOR SALE OR LEASE - Registered Angus Bull - DLB Bell Design 3072 - American Angus Registration # 15807509; born 1/8/07; gentle and easy to ... window. Crossbred with jersey and lineback 10 months old. Also, Four 12 month old crossbred bulls; normande, lineback, jersey, and friesian. Contact ...

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