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Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins
Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins Amory Lovins is renowned for his wide-ranging intellect and unique problem-solving approach, which he has ... Lovinses co-founded Rocky Mountain Institute , a Colorado-based resource policy think tank, in 1982. Amory Lovins continues to serve as CEO of the nonprofit institute, whose 45 staff research and consult ...

Robert Gilman - Sustainability: The State Of The Movement
Wes Jackson, Dana Meadows, Brian Swimme, Amory Lovins, David Spangler, John Todd, and Danaan Parry, to name just a few. Leadership and partnership ...

IC14 - Sustainable Habitat
FOOD AND ENERGY Energy Update an interview with Amory Lovins, by Robert Gilman Some surprising developments in power supply and demand Mainstreaming Sustainable Agriculture ... Africa STARTING WHERE WE ARE Four Steps to Self-Reliance an interview with Hunter Lovins, by Robert Gilman The story behind Rocky Mountain Institute's Economic Renewal Project Up ... More from this site

Mining, Environment and Development > Energy
Bank Group. Energy and Sustainable Development in the Mining and Minerals Industries (PDF) - Karl Rábago, Amory Lovins and Thomas Feiler, Rocky Mountains Institute (RMI). Prepared for the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development ...

Rocky Mountain Institute : Abundance By Design
RMI cofounder and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins. Full story | Study Portable Light Project A bag full of light RMI is helping to ...

RMI's Newsletter : RMI Solutions
IN THIS ISSUE COVER • Rekindle Hope and Commit to Action — A Conversation with Amory Lovins OFFICE OF THE CEO • The World Is Waking Up — Each of Us Has ... More from this site

The Lincoln Plan
Sensible climate protection should, indeed, be profitable. As Amory Lovins writes, "If properly done, climate protection would actually reduce costs, not raise them. ... 3. Totten, 17, 23. Forest Trends 4. Lovins, 26. Download Climate: Making Sense...: Rocky Mountain Institute References IPCC 2001: Climate Change ...

Past International, Environmental and Japan-Related Consulting and Research Projects
Hydrogen Economy: Provided critiques re: the "hydrogen transition" to Amory Lovins, one of U.S.'s foremost energy sustainability experts. 2003 International Marine Biodiversity Preservation: Helped ...

L. Hunter Lovins, Speaker on Natural Capitalism & Energy Policy
Natural Capitalism, Inc. and co-creator of the Natural Capitalism concept, L. Hunter Lovins works with businesses, governments and organizations to implement this profitable approach to developing sustainable ... co-author with Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins of Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution as well as of eight other books and dozens of papers. Lovins is also a founding ...

Awards and Events - Lindbergh Foundation
Search Home Awards and Events Amory and Hunter Lovins 1999 - Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins Award Presented at The Explorers Club, New York City Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins, Co-founders of Rocky Mountain ... business author/entrepreneur Paul Hawken, was released in September 1999, and was the subject of Amory Lovins' Award lecture.

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